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  1. If they build it, the students will pay. I'm pretty sure TRU has had a full class every year since it opened.
  2. I just think it's hilarious that a law school thought it could a be a "driver for small business" when we all know most of the class would turn around and jump right into the Toronto recruit. Yes, I know that many (most?) law students don't want to do BigLaw. Most of them end up applying anyway.
  3. There are many, many more employed lawyers who were not medalists than there are those that were. I would trust the masses on this one.
  4. If you go to every class and stay engaged and take decent notes, you're not "learning" the whole course. Much of it is already in there, you're just refining and getting a bit more depth.
  5. To answer the question: No. I have many side-hobbies and have worked part-time. The work comes in waves, you just have to roll with it and plan ahead.
  6. UVic is substantially cheaper, if that factors in. Approx. $12K/year all in vs. $21K/year.
  7. I used the LSAT Trainer and swear by it.
  8. Sounds like you already have your answer.
  9. U of C Dean was a Dal undergrad, so there's the Maritime connection. Seems like something just to get a bit of publicity for both programs though; a scholarship student with the right LSAT would probably be admitted anyway.
  10. You can set up rides in advance on the app. Just order one in the morning and schedule one for after the test.
  11. This is going on at my school?! I need to get out of the library more!
  12. Although.. I think 15 of their class last year were returning 1Ls, and 8 came back this year. 22 2Ls both years. Who knows what that means.
  13. Hiring up all over the place. I wonder what happened at Blakes...
  14. I wish I did this now. I also felt like it was a "don't really go there" area.
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