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  1. Around $3200 over the course of two application cycles. To be honest I had no idea I had shelled out so much money to LSAC until now. Conversion rates definitely didn't help. $800 - 7Sage. I extended a number of times after I didn't get accepted the first year I applied. $1300 - LSAT. I took it 4 times, and paid to change test date once. $400 - Took my last LSAT while living abroad. Total cost for hotel near the test center and transportation to the city. $300 - Application fee for UVic and UBC (applied twice for UBC) $350 - non-refundable deposit paid to UVic before I got an offer to UBC. Still sad about this one.
  2. I had a great experience taking the LSAT at BCIT in Burnaby. The proctors were all very experienced. Would recommend! Unless you're taking it at UBC (since you should already be familiar with the campus as a student), I would highly recommend doing a "test run" a day or two before your exam to figure out how to get to the exam center on time.
  3. Thank you! I didn't move that much. I honestly can't remember my exact position since I usually called them for updates, but I'm fairly certain I didn't drop past 90. I can't say for certain though. I received the email on August 8 that I had been removed from the waitlist as the class had been filled and they had reduced the waitlist size to accommodate for that. I expect there's much more movement in terms of offers in the lower waitlist numbers, but not so much in the higher numbers. Edit: I also wanted to say that I realized I was mistaken in my previous post now that I've checked my email. I was originally waitlisted at #111, not #114.
  4. If it helps, the Class of 2023 Facebook group only has 127 members at this time. Assuming class size will be around 200, I really do think there should be quite a few spaces left. Some people might not have Facebook or not know about the existence of the group, but I don't doubt there are at least a few people in the group who haven't actually gotten an offer or got an offer but ended up turning it down.
  5. I completely understand the pains of calling from abroad, extra troublesome if there are time differences too. What I did was pay for a dollar's worth of Skype credit and called them using Skype. You can also email them! They were super helpful through email for me as well (and very quick to respond). I'm not sure if they're limited in what they can tell you through email versus through phone though. I believe they're working from home right now so sometimes they don't pick up the phone as they'd like you to leave a message so they can call you back. That's a little troublesome if you're calling with Skype and don't have an actual number for them to call you back at, but just keep trying!
  6. For what it's worth, I was told that I was on the waitlist that would be ranked by June when I asked last week, and was accepted today. Don't let the negativity get to you!
  7. 😭😭 I can't believe I'm saying this but I also got the offer email today. Will be accepting! 165/83.5 (confirmed)
  8. I called the admissions office recently and they told me that there will most likely be another round of offers going out before the end of March. The delays are, as expected, due to many of them working from home because of the virus.
  9. I believe they are referring to the "Suits for Men" and "Suits for Women" threads.
  10. I don't really see why this would be necessary. I mean, you could, but I doubt it would change anything. If you look at the last two years' Accepted threads, acceptances went out on March 19/20. Give them some time.
  11. I remember seeing previous class sizes and it was usually 190-200. Means there should be another 100 spots or so left (depending on if this year people choose UBC or not).
  12. Called today and got a completely different answer from what other people heard. They said they've sent out enough offers so far to fill around 100 spots (based on their expected rate of people who choose UBC) and once those offers expire on March 15, they'll send out more offers next week. We still have a chance! Best of luck to everybody next week.
  13. What different information did you get? I tried calling but could only get through to voicemail.
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