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  1. I am hoping to write in Sept and October as well if the score doesn't go well. Anyone in Toronto want to study together?
  2. Thank you! I'm annoyed with my cGPA...hopefully they will see my upward trend.
  3. School Cumulative Last Two Best Three UOIT 1.87 1.87 1.93 York 3.69 3.69 3.69 Overall: 2.78 3.29 3.56 These are what my grades look like right now when I key in my information on Ryn's site. When I attended UOIT, I didn't do well and just didn't care about school. A lot of my grades were taken through part time and I got 2-3 F's. I dropped out of UOIT and never finished my degree. When schools say L2, will they only look at my L2 marks at York? Or will they calculate based on the "overall" line? If it's the overall line, am I screwed? I will be applying as a mature student. Thank you!
  4. I will be applying as a mature student, so I'm hoping that my professional references will be stronger in terms of a professors reference letter
  5. I'm deciding when I should mention to my employer for reference, as I'm worried they will frown on the fact that I'll be leaving the company if I get in. I have one prof this semester that I would like to ask, so maybe one our marks are in I will ask
  6. So ask at the beginning of Fall term? I am debating if I Want to ask one of my profs for summer. Trying to also decide when to ask my employer for reference too.
  7. I was wondering when you guys think it is the most suitable time to ask someone to be your reference for both non academic and academic references? Is it a good idea to give a heads up or wait until the application opens to start filling in the information and then asking...thanks!
  8. Damn that sucks. Your GPA is good, I'm sure if you get your LSAT up you will get in for next round!
  9. Good luck!! I bombed my first year of undergrad as well...so I am interested to see how Windsor will look at your application.
  10. Hi Ryn - Sorry I keep on getting questions after I post. Are Ws and Fs on transcript viewed terribly? If there’s an upward trend in the grades will that help?
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