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  1. Accepted May 9th Mature student - 20 yr career in law/policy related fields Applied as mature/access (if they have that category...can't recall now) cGPA: 3.4 LSAT:156 I'll be turning down for Dal
  2. Accepted yesterday LSAT 156 cGPA 3.4 Access
  3. Looking at the schedules for the Fall 2018 semester, specifically Section A, is it correct that you have 5 classes a week of Contracts? Or is the section subdivided to #1 and #2 as noted on the schedule, so that you are in one or the other? I notice the other sections are doubled up on either Criminal or Torts. Just trying to make sense of what this means.
  4. Just declined my offer, so there's a space opened up for someone else!
  5. Rejected last night. Same lengthy email about applying in later years as transfer/upper year. Figured it didn't hurt to apply in the mature category. CGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 156 Career in law mgmt , volunteer in multiple NFP incl. A2J
  6. Legal Aid in NL is always looking for lawyers. Usually to go to rural parts of the province. They take newbies.
  7. Also from the east coast. Halifax "don't impress me much" either. I'm indifferent to it. Also not interested in Bay Street. Like you, I'm more interested in the substantive differences between the educational opportunities/breath of experiences, etc. If I was doing this based on a purely financial basis, the opportunity cost I'm giving up by going to school for 3 years and starting at the bottom of a lawyer's pay scale WAY exceeds the financial benefits. I'm beyond that. This is something I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember and as many times as I've tried to convince myself that it doesn't make any sense, the desire doesn't go away. Done with torturing myself, so here I am....trying to decide if spending the extra $40k of my own hard earned cash is worth it.
  8. I've been through these threads talking about the various schools and it seems it all boils down to where you want to work. To me, I can't fight this gnawing feeling that there has to be more to this decision and the price differential than this reason. I have offers from Osgoode and Dal at this point. $40k (extra tuition & living costs) is what I estimate to be the extra cost to go to Osgoode over Dal. I'm not particular about where I live during law school. I'm a mature student and am looking for the best experience for my law education. I've delayed 20 years since undergrad, so I want to make the most of it. Like many posters have said, I don't think I can really say what type of law I will practice until I have some experience/better understanding via law school/clinics/articling, etc. I'm trying to keep a very open mind about the future. Can they really be so interchangeable? Why would anyone choose Osgoode over Dal other than they want to work on Bay St when there is such a big difference in the price tag?
  9. Also, saw this from a previous year thread about finishing in December of 3rd year. Wondering how that works - didn't know it was an option: "Re: Legal Aid Clinic I was given the same impression in 1L (I'm currently in 2L) but the Legal Aid Clinic was relatively hard to get into for this Summer term, 29 people applied and only 12 got in for the Summer term. That said, in Fall/Winter of 3L it is probably less competitive with people on exchange in the Fall, and many people opt for the Summer route so that they can finish 3L in December. "
  10. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge/experience with Peter Green Hall apartments? I'm looking for Sep with my daughter. Location and rental rates seem great. I can't find any mention of it on this site.
  11. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of Peter Green Hall apartments? Odd there doesn't seem to be anything on here.
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