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  1. From previous threads, this is apparently the Dal calculation: (GPA (L2 or CGPA whichever is higher) / 4.3) * 0.6 + (LSAT score - 120) / 60 * 0.4 To be competitive: Maritime resident: index >= 0.80 Others: index >= 0.81 (4.15/4.3)*.6+(161-120)/60*.4= .579+.273=.852
  2. Schulich (Dalhousie) is confirmed online for Winter
  3. A further suggestion on nomenclature....if instead you used the format "2020-07-05 Form 8 Application..." your folder will be in order by date of document rather than alphabetical. A former workplace of mine used this and I've stuck with it.
  4. 1. You're too late for 2020. Ontario applications are due Nov 1st and the latest I'm aware of elsewhere is Feb 28th for Dal. There may be others with later deadline but certainly not now. 2. Yes, many books available from publisher in e-book format. At least at Dal, all books also available at book store in hard copy which is what most people purchased. 3. Re: question about this year - moot point, since earliest you can apply for now is Sep 2021. Schools have generally not allowed people to defer because of covid though I'd be willing to guess some who were accepted this year may have found other reasons to defer if they really want to attend first year in person. Alternatively, it is a cheaper way to attend law school since you can stay home, assuming you would have otherwise had to travel to attend school.
  5. I guess one caveat is how do you vet who becomes a member of the group...that's where the school sanctioning comes in.
  6. They usually have a student welcoming/orientation group organizing it but no reason you can't just share this group with: Dana-Lyn Mackenzie Director, Student Services and Engagement [email protected] She heads up this type of stuff. Then you guys can allow others to have admin rights who will need it. I don't know why they wait so long to set one up. Everyone is anxious to know who is in their class, get planning for Sept...really should happen when people are starting to get acceptances, IMHO. Also, the new President of the LSS for 2020-2021 is Meghan Faught ([email protected]) and VP Student Life is Maya Churilov ([email protected]) ...you could contact/add them to FB group as well. People in those positions were/are members of 2022 class FB group.
  7. From an older post in February...assuming this still applies: "Re-posting this from an old thread I made because a lot of 'X GPA/Y LSAT, what are my chances' threads are popping up: If you're wondering what your chances of getting accepted are, simply plug your own numbers into this formula: [GPA / 4.3 * 0.6 + (LSAT - 120) / 60 * 0.4]. If you're a Maritime resident, anything above 0.8 is considered competitive. If you're a non-Maritime resident, you want to be above 0.81."
  8. I'm guessing you didn't screenshot your original situation? If you had, would seem you'd have a great case to OLSAS to take your application.
  9. There's a group been started on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/379474972690263/?ref=bookmarks
  10. Looking at the schedule then, there appears to be two OTL slots per week - will you be assigned to a particular one? Or can you choose?
  11. Received an email yesterday saying the class is full and asking if I wanted to be added to the wait list. Said no thanks.
  12. Accepted May 9th Mature student - 20 yr career in law/policy related fields Applied as mature/access (if they have that category...can't recall now) cGPA: 3.4 LSAT:156 I'll be turning down for Dal
  13. Accepted yesterday LSAT 156 cGPA 3.4 Access
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