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  1. I went on mine and my only option is to look at fall 2019. Am I missing somewhere I should look?
  2. Do we choose our second semester courses? Or are they chosen for us? I cant find my winter semester timetable on bear tracks yet.
  3. Even though UofA says there were 8 Indigenous admitted students doesn't mean they were all admitted holistically. I applied as Indigenous this year and was admitted first round, so were a few others I've spoken to (my understanding is if they don't make it past first round offers they go to be judged holistically). Because of this, there could be a few of those who applied under regular category getting in the holistic round still (I am thinking the released number of holistic admits in the applicant profile was correct). Best of luck!
  4. I could definitely be wrong but I don't think they will notify you specifically if you are in the holistic round. If you didn't make the initial offer rounds they will make their picks to look closer at for admission. My guess is you would just either get an offer or a rejection. No clue when this could happen however last year the rejected thread had people getting their rejection letters late April, early May. Best of luck.
  5. okay cool - everyone was talking about living close to campus and i wanted to make sure I wasn't making a mistake by being the only one driving 30 mins to class everyday.
  6. Anyone going to uofa commute? I currently live in stony plain and am wondering if it's better to stay here and save money and take the bus to campus from spruce grove. Would that be terrible? How long are the days at the university, should I instead move closer?
  7. I just got accepted last week so watch your email
  8. Sorry I was just wondering how to pay the tuition deposit on bear tracks? I know its 500 but right now my account isnt showing any charge so do you just pay anyways? Thanks in advance for replies
  9. Accepted this afternoon. LSAT 157 L2: 3.98 Will be accepting!
  10. I have heard that UofA usually waits a little bit later to send out offers to Aboriginal students (for what reason I am unsure), as in late Feb, or early (first week) March. However, seems like they have been a little slow this year in sending out offers in general so it could be later. I haven't heard back yet. Hang in there!
  11. I'm a third year and my grades were sent in a week and a half ago. I know they were received because my application is marked as complete and is pending decision. If yours doesnt say that I would maybe check with them to make sure they are recieved so at least you know your app is completed. Otherwise I'm guessing our applications will take a couple weeks to get a decision.
  12. So my university's transcripts got lost and delayed in the mail so they ended up sending 2 other sets from 2 different cairrers to make sure they got there on time. If it ends up all 3 arrive will that affect my application?
  13. Any ideas if their stats are acceptable as the ones on the accepted applicant profile.
  14. Just wondering if anyone here is an Indigenous applicant for 2019 and the process they are going through.
  15. I have already submitted my application for the Fall 2019 year. GPA 4.0 LSAT 155. As an aborigonal applicant I know my application has to be looked at in the holistic view. Currently still in school so my fall grades wont be in until early January. I was wondering if anyone knew how this or the holistic process would affect my timeline if I were to get accepted (will i have to wait until the later round to get an answer), or if any other aborigonal applicants have experience with the process. Thanks!
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