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  1. I can speak to UBC and UVic but not the others. Both are numbers based schools (although someone on here mentioned UBC might be trying out a new admissions method this year?). In terms of UBC’s standard admissions you wouldn’t be competitive with those stats. You would have a shot at UVic though. You should check out their website to figure out their deductions (they remove some credits from you cGPA in their calculation).
  2. I don’t know about the credit drop. But I had pretty much the same GPA (off by a few decimals) and I got in this year with a 171 LSAT.
  3. I didn’t say they were the same price I said they were close. Apples back to school sale will get you $200 off the price of the laptop plus a $399 pair of beats headphones for free so it’s a good deal. Again, on a Mac you’re paying for something that looks nice and is extremely simple to use. On a PC you pay less for something you’ve got to set up yourself. But with that comes the freedom to customize and make things how you want them. My point was that neither is better, they’re just both good for different things. Of course PC lovers will adamantly tell you how terrible Mac is and Mac lovers will do the same about PC. At the end of the day it just depends what you want out of a laptop.
  4. Lol this topic has been beaten to a pulp across this platform... heres the gist of what people tend to argue: PC’s are cheaper... not really true. You need (or should be getting) a SSD and those are going to run you $800 plus, so you’re gonna pay a bit more for a MacBook Air than a basic SSD CPU but not much... You’ll use PC’s in practice... to which someone inevitably (and intelligently) points out: lots of firms use PC and lots use Mac, there’s no way to know what you’ll use so don’t buy a laptop based off this. heres my take on it: Mac’s are simple, they work out of the box, they rarely get viruses and they look really nice. You can’t really customize them much. The do what they do really well and they don’t do what they don’t do. Plain and simple. PC’s do a lot more but if you aren’t computer literate they can be a real pain to set up and get running. They’re more prone to viruses but if you want more freedom and customizability they’re the clear choice.
  5. JY is best listened to at 1.5-2x speed! To the OP... What are you scoring on properly timed PT’s at the moment? Different score ranges require different methods to break out of, so while you’re getting some good general advice here you’d get better advice if we know what you were scoring. Preferably a section by section breakdown. The LSAT isn’t necessarily about going all out for as many points as possible. It’s about developing strategies... for everything. What questions should you do, what questions should you skip? What sections are your strengths, which are weaknesses. What question types are strengths and weaknesses? Different sections require different strategies. Different question types within those sections also require different strategies. The test is a behemoth that must be broken down methodically, step by step. It sounds a lot like you’re going in blind and wondering why things aren’t improving. Remember that most test takers will not finish the test accurately. The smart ones know when to give up on a question that they are weak at and exchange it for time to do more questions that they are strong at. Also... do some more research. It’s a waste of other people’s time to go find out information for you that you could find in “2 clicks” on the law school admissions websites...
  6. Agreed, softs are negligible at best and entirely irrelevant and many schools. GPA and LSAT get you in, softs can help with scholarships.
  7. You could get in regular at some schools with a high enough LSAT score. Depending on how long you’ve worked you might be able to apply mature at some schools as well. @Deadpool gives solid advice... a bunch of randoms on the internet have no clue if “law school is right for you.” But if you want it bad enough I’m sure you could make it work.
  8. This is misleading. Schools will typically either admit you, or wait until after the last available LSAT write that they take and then re-evaluate you. As a general rule they will not reject you before you have a chance to re-write. Some schools wait till the November LSAT and don’t take January, others will take January. Also, you should not leave off your LSAT score from your application because when you submit your score you give them your LSAC # which gives them access to all of your scores. So leaving it off just means they will eventually find out that your application was misleading.
  9. Let’s be honest here... unless OP has unlimited funds there’s no point throwing away money applying to schools that are clearly out of reach.
  10. Just finished up with getting my professional line of credit approved from Scotiabank. 135,000 at prime interest rate. No payments required during school or articling or for an additional 2 years after articling is completed. Also comes with a free AmEx Gold card and Passport Infinite card both of which are amazing for collecting travel points. The Passport infinite card also comes with 6 complimentary entrance to the priority pass airport lounges... lol! And introduction the finer things in life I suppose. From what I understand Scotia’s interest rate and repayment plan is the best available.
  11. Anyone use google docs instead of word for notes? Pros/cons?
  12. As far as online courses go I had quite a few and it didn’t seem to affect my GPA calculation and I was admitted to UBC so I don’t think it affected my admissions. The only thing about online is that not knowing your prof and what they are looking for can sometimes make it harder to get top grades. I had many phone calls with profs after getting back first essay marks I wasn’t happy with and having to sort out how to improve on later assignments to get my grade back up to where I wanted it... much easier to do in class than online
  13. Yeah that’s about it really. I wrote twice, one time the proctor let people put their phones in another room. The other time the proctor wouldn’t let them in the building and people were scrambling to hide their phones in lockers and under couch cushions in a different building. So I would take any risks.
  14. People keep saying “it’s not a good idea” which is misleading. Simply put, you can’t omit it. Or, in other words, if you get caught you will not be allowed to complete your degree. All of the schools I researched specifically require that you provide transcripts for ALL post secondary institutions that you have attended. Period.
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