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  1. Hmm I don’t remember it saying complete, I feel like I’ve always had it as pending review since I began checking the site out.. sorry!
  2. Yeah, strange. I'm still under Pending Review
  3. Hey there, if someone could check out my stats and let me know what they think I'd appreciate that! I find my situation tricky because following a Semester Abroad I was offered a 12 month Professional Internship/ Co-Op through my University.. It's sort of all over the place.. 3.27 OLSAS CGPA (Have an F on my transcript from an online Summer 2016 summer stats course, which when I retook during Fall 2016 and got a B+.. attempted to appeal but university is difficult with mental health stuff.. Would be a 3.39 otherwise, which is what my Uni even puts on my Transcript though that does not matter as much as OLSAS I suppose) So here's the breakdown of when I took this long "hiatus".... 3.22 GPA Fall 2016 before going on Exchange 3.8 GPA Winter 2017 on Exchange (Separate Transcript received and reviewed by OLSAS) 12 Month Professional Internship (Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Summer 2018) through my Uni at an Ontario Ministry as a Communications Assistant (Excellent reference from the Regional Director) 3.9 for an online course I took during my Internship, Winter 2018 (so I doubt that matters because it wasn't during a full course load... I counted as part time student while receiving internship credits) 3.925 this semester (fourth year, Fall 2018) 152 first LSAT attempt (December 2016) 161 (September 2017, 83rd percentile) My EC's are pretty good. Lots of Social Justice/ Accessibility advocating stuff abroad and at my home uni. Currently a Co-Chair for a Research Committee to make policy recommendations advocating for mobility accessibility on campus. If you can figure this cluster out (what I thought would look like me attempting to get involved as much as possible to law schools at the time lol) let me know please and thank you!
  4. Hey there, tagging along on this post.. does anyone know how they consider exchange grades? I did a semester abroad in third year, second semester and had a pretty decent GPA there and OLSAS has received/ reviewed that transcript... but not sure what schools do re: L2... any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Hey there! Just tagging along on this thread.. What would you consider "early" for dal apps? I haven't applied yet but was thinking once this semester is over/ mid December I would start working on it...
  6. Thanks so much. I just added it to my account. Do you know how long ago your school sent that transcript? I asked them to send one to my house so I would know the time it took and I got it on the Monday preceding the Thursday Nov 1 deadline...... Still not updated on my OLSAS account though (assuming that's how you found out yours was received)..
  7. Randomly had a thought today on whether I should have added the school I went on Exchange to under "Academic Background" on OLSAS. I attended for only one semester. Apparently it is not too late for me to add this institution. The school has also mailed out a transcript to OLSAS that I suppose has not yet been processed since it is not under "document tracking" yet. Advice? Thank you!
  8. Oh that's perfect. I assumed that was only for the Transcript request but that answer is clear, thank you!!
  9. If I mailed out a transcript to OLSAS, how will I know they received it? It's being mailed from Ireland where I did my semester abroad, being sent directly to OLSAS. The school will put my name somewhere on the envelope indicating it is for me, but won't it get.. lost in the sauce.. ? Should I call them this week? Thank you..
  10. Hi, I'm sure this has been answered but I can't find anything. Can I submit my application before all my reference letters are in, such that they still get it in by Nov 1? I want to hit submit soon but I see that one of my referees has not hit submit yet, but we chatted and he is well aware that Nov 1 is the deadline. Should I email him asking him to get it in sooner? Thanks!
  11. Hi there, Just a quick FYI type question if anyone has advice- I'm finishing a few PS edits and waiting on my school from an exchange abroad to send my transcript, so I have not submit my OLSAS app yet. I understand the Nov 1 deadline is a thing - but based on payments going through, tech difficulties, etc. is there a a date I should actually submit on? Like maybe latest October 29 (2-3 business days) to ensure it all goes through? Also - is there indication somewhere on the OLSAS site that shows that my school's transcript has been received? Right now it still says "immediate" for when I want it by, but will it/ anything change when it has been received? Or should I go to my school's registrar's office and ask them in person? Just curious! THANKS
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