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  1. I got an offer a while back. Declined for U of A. GPA: 3.95 (4.0 scale) LSAT: 163
  2. So we are already at 91.2 index acceptances? Is that strange relative to previous years? It seems like UBC weights the LSAT a heck of a lot more than GPA.
  3. probably not no. not a holistic process. they'll plug your GPA and LSAT in and good to go.
  4. Whoever wants admin privs, let me know,. I def do not want to spend 3 years being the only person lolololol
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2114829618600547/ here guys
  6. I do not have a problem making it, just did not know if it was appropriate to do so.
  7. ive done the same but have decided to just outright attend U of A. U of C has taken too long.
  8. Does anyone know if students or the department start a Facebook group?
  9. UBC probably wont offer, if they do, till late summer with those stats. You will likely be waitlisted. Accept the other school and if you are really set on UBC, you will have to forfeit the deposit from that other school.
  10. with those stats, I am sure you will be getting into UBC, probably without the discretionary category even. Congrats! I am in the same boat with decisions, but have chosen Alberta over Vancouver!
  11. when did your circle go green and which LSAT did you write?
  12. hahaaha the struggle. Imagine printing and reading out 2000 applications between a committee LOL. Welcome back to 1956 Calgary.
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