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  1. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    Those who are not I queue, are you general, mature or access?
  2. Thanks for your help, I'll shoot them an emailing regarding the issue + to check in if they received all my stuff
  3. What would I say though? Why haven't I been accepted? Also, when I try accessing OASIS on my phone I get an error message saying the document has been deleted but I can access it on my phone. Is this worth shooting an email to Oz or will I be wasting their time?
  4. yup had a 3.79 and with the fall grades my gpa went up to 3.8. This waiting game is stressing me out so much
  5. This is so stressful as so many people have been accepted with much lower stats than you and myself even (160, 3.80).
  6. I used pencil for the books and I have a lot of preptests.
  7. Beans2018

    Application Status not Found

    Same here.. did you email anyone or did it get fixed?
  8. Beans2018

    Accepted but cannot see in OLSAS

    It took a while before it showed up for me
  9. Beans2018

    Accepted to Queens 2019

    Just got in as well! 3.79 & 160
  10. Beans2018

    Accepted to Ottawa 2019

    Just checked my Uozone and got admitted sometime today with a CPGA of 3.79 & 160 LSAT
  11. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    There has to be... most of the people that got in queue a few days ago received an acceptance
  12. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    When did you submit your application? I submitted mine mid October (16th ish)
  13. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    I hope the next acceptance round is soon. The waiting game is killing me
  14. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    Yes but my app says "No Application Status Information Found. Please try again tomorrow." and I dont know what that means
  15. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    It's crazy how people are accepted when I just received an email with my login information. This is so nerve-wrecking!