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  1. I applied to Ontario schools (uOttawa, Oz, UofT and Queen's) and none required WES. I just had to have my exchange school send in my transcript to LSAC.
  2. How soon does it show up? I've been approved for a month now
  3. How does the LOC show up in your account? I was approved for the PSLOC but my account only shows my debit and credit card accounts
  4. It is enough. If you are applying for OSAP again, then they know you are in school and do not need to start paying/acquiring interest until you graduate from law school.
  5. Accepted from the waitlist. Received an email.
  6. Hi, I tried searching this but couldn't find anything except for OSAP deadlines. Just wanted to know when you should apply for LOC. I provisionally accepted a school and am waiting for 1 more. So should I wait until potentially July 15th before applying in case I get in to the other school or apply asap anyways. Any help is greatly appreciated
  7. If you've been waitlisted, can you firmly accept another school and still be on the waitlist? Or will that automatically withdraw you from the consideration pool?
  8. When did you get the rejection email? Based on last year's threads, it seems like people were waitlisted indefinitely.
  9. Is it normal to still be "in queue" as of April 1st and not waitlisted?
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