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  1. Beans2018

    Accepted to Ottawa 2019

    Just checked my Uozone and got admitted sometime today with a CPGA of 3.79 & 160 LSAT
  2. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    There has to be... most of the people that got in queue a few days ago received an acceptance
  3. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    When did you submit your application? I submitted mine mid October (16th ish)
  4. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    I hope the next acceptance round is soon. The waiting game is killing me
  5. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    Yes but my app says "No Application Status Information Found. Please try again tomorrow." and I dont know what that means
  6. Beans2018

    In queue 2019

    It's crazy how people are accepted when I just received an email with my login information. This is so nerve-wrecking!
  7. Beans2018

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Where did you find out?
  8. Beans2018

    Confirmation of receipt of application??

    Hey where exactly is this? I can't find it on OUAC
  9. Beans2018

    Exchange School

    I went to Switzerland for exchange and they mailed my transcript on October 16th and OLSAS updated my account on October 31st. I don't know when they received my transcript but it should've been 5-10 days after it was mailed.
  10. Beans2018

    Exchange School

    Hey, I am in the same situation and I included it under my academic background. My exchange school sent my transcript directly to OLSAS and it has finally been received.
  11. Beans2018

    Transcript Q

    I'm a 4th year undergraduate student applying this year. Does anyone know if our first semester marks are made available to the schools in January after we get our final grades? And if so, how much does this influence the application?
  12. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether the schools actually contact all the verifiers. I am putting a lot of work into getting everyone's addresses, emails and numbers. So I just want to know if LSAC/schools are gonna contact some/none/all verifiers.
  13. Beans2018

    Exchange Inquiries

    Hello, I am in my 4th year of my undergrad. I went on exchange in year 3 and I have 2 questions regarding that. 1. Do law schools look at these? To my understanding, they don't since I received a pass/fail on my transcript but I am not 100% sure. 2. Do I need to get my exchange institution to send in my transcripts? My current undergrad uni has all the transcripts and my official one only contains pass/fail for the exchange semester. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  14. Beans2018

    Application Chances

    I am graduating this year from a business school. B3 is 3.8
  15. Beans2018

    Application Chances

    Hello, I'd really appreciate any advice/feedback people might have for me. I am applying to law school right now (top choice is Osgoode but also applying to Queens and UofT as backups). I currently have a 3.8 GPA and 160 on my LSAT (wrote it twice and got the same mark). My extra curriculars are pretty solid as well as my references. My personal statement is ok. I was just wondering if I have a good chance at getting in to UofT and whether I'm strong enough to get an acceptance first round (Dec). Also, I can still write my LSAT a 3rd time so I was wondering if y'all recommend me to do it in January or just to take my chances. Any input is greatly appreciated.