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  1. Yeah, I've seen the summer courses thing a few places but I'm still a bit unclear on it. How does our academic record actually get assessed in the application? Do they look at cGPA only (if so, then how do summer courses not count?) or do they look at each course individually from Fall/Winter terms and just ignore Summer entirely? One other thing: when you say semester, does that mean entire academic year (i.e. both sessions, Fall AND Winter), or just 1 session (i.e. Fall OR Winter).
  2. For context, currently in my 2nd year of undergrad at UofT. I've read that admissions looks at all factors holistically (i.e. intensity of program, course-load, types of courses etc.) when examining GPA rather than just taking it as a flat number. In my first year, I took a full course-load (5 courses per semester) and did well, and this year I'm currently enrolled in 5, but I'm debating dropping down to 4. I know that dropping to 4 more or less isn't more desirable than doing 5, but I want to know how big is the downside to taking 4 courses? Would I be significantly hurting my chances, or is it not a huge deal. Would 4 in fall and 5 in Winter make any difference? How about 4 in fall and 6 in winter? I'm planning on dropping a full year course that's a pre-req for some third year courses I need to take, so my plan is definitely to make up that course (and the accompanying credit deficit) in the summer session. In my third year, I intend to go back to the standard 5 courses per semester. Thanks in advance for your help!
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