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  1. I was recently admitted to the University of Windsor and I am wondering how hard it is to defer a spot for a year? Has anyone gone through this?
  2. I just found out I have been admitted to the law school I was hoping for and am looking forward to attending however my only concern is how hard is it to finish law school and establish yourself while also attempting to have a family and kids.
  3. Around the middle of February!
  4. Accepted off the waitlist on Friday Cumulative 3.76 L2 3.82 LSAT 158
  5. Accepted yesterday LSAT = 158 cGPA = 3.79 L2 = 3.82
  6. I am currently filling out the Dual JD Supplemental Application Form and I am a little confused as to what I am supposed to fill in under the PERMANENT RESIDENCE section. Does anyone who already filled this out have any idea?
  7. Waitlisted yesterday Cumulative = 3.79 L2 = 3.94 LSAT = 158
  8. Is it a bad thing if we haven't been accepted or waitlisted yet?
  9. I sent my transcript for the fall semester and it says 'received' on OLSAS however my GPA has not been updated. Did it take anyone else longer for the GPA update?
  10. I logged onto my windsor site, and it says there is no active application, does anyone else have this problem?
  11. I applied to windsor but never made a windsor account? How did you make an account?
  12. Where did it change? On the OLSAS website?
  13. Windsor is the only school I am applying to, cGPA 3.76, L2 3.82, LSAT 158
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