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    I've just been putting it in with my description, but yeah I agree, I hate the setup. Ex: Retail Associate: and then I just describe the job with the rest of my 144 characters
  2. mmoore

    Sketch Questions

    Sorry one more question (and again, thanks for all the help!), I've seen people with a ridiculous amount of entries (i.e. above 20). If I'm being honest, when putting all my significant experience in (ex. I'm choosing to forego some of my serving jobs that I only did for a short time during the summer that really don't add much to the sketch when I had other jobs during this time anyways), I probably only have about 12 entries. Is this a big deal? I'm confident in my GPA and LSAT score, just to add a little more detail to this.
  3. mmoore

    Sketch Questions

    That's what I was thinking and honestly how I prefer to write (i.e. being more concise), but I've seen so many people going over the top with entries etc. that I thought perhaps maybe I was in the wrong. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  4. mmoore

    Sketch Questions

    Ok no prob! But as for the fact that I've worked there at different times - for example, say I worked there 3 different summers, would I have 3 different entries of the same thing just under different time frames? Under the help section in the sketch it kind of sounds like I have to do this
  5. mmoore

    Sketch Questions

    Ok so I have 2 jobs where I worked every year, but only during certain times. This would mean that for over the past 4 years, I would have to make 4 separate entries for these jobs, amounting to 8 entries of basically the same thing, just different time periods. Would it be wrong to just put it all under 1 from the start date to present, since I'm still currently working both of these jobs? PS thanks for the response
  6. mmoore

    Sketch Questions

    Hi! So right now I'm finishing off my autobiographical sketch, and I'm finding I'm running out of room on some of them that require more detail - is there any way around this? Secondly, if I have a few different responsibilities that vary quite greatly under one activity (so in my case, I'm a gymnastics coach. Sometimes, I have my own classes or substitute, sometimes its at a recreational level, sometimes at a very high level, which differ a lot in practice, and sometimes I'm helping with the local community's YMCA camp in the summers. To add onto it, sometimes I can only help out in the summer, sometimes I've been there year round), should I put separate entries for these different responsibilities? Also, do I need to separate all the different dates I worked for them (i.e. one entry for summer '15, one entry for summer '16) Or am I overthinking this horribly and should maybe just put it all under one brief description? Thanks in advance :)