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  1. Can confirm this. I spoke to someone on the OLSAS chat and they said say same.
  2. What is considered "early" anyways? Does applying early actually increase one's chances of admission overall? Even marginally? Why? Especially in the case of statistically less competitive applicants.
  3. Is this referring to OLSAS in general? or is it a school specific response? I ask because the OLSAS indicates that you can include up to 3 references. "Note: Some schools require a non-academic reference. This must be one of your 3 selected references. Additional references will not be accepted, even if additional choices are added. " uOttawa for example states on their website: "All applicants must provide two letters of reference. At least one of these letters must be from an academic source, but it is preferable to have two academic references." Perhaps I am interpreting the instructions wrong, but I see no language that suggests you cannot add a third reference, or that doing so would be against their wishes. Would adding a third in this case really indicate that I'm not following their instructions? Thank you in advance.
  4. I believe mid-august. I think I've seen that on a couple school websites, but i was waiting for someone else to respond with more certainty. 😁
  5. Thanks for posting this. Would you provide an update at some later time?
  6. Hey penguinh, Thanks for posting this question. I am in the same boat right now and in a sense its kind of liberating to move forward and be proactive about the next admissions cycle. I think getting started now is the right strategy based on what we have observed from this cycle. I've done some general internet research on this question and what I gathered is that its ok to use some of the content of your old personal statement, but you want to include updates and show the ad com how you have grown over the last year. An important question that I am also interested in is whether the ad com will take into account your status as a re-applicant, especially if you were waitlisted this cycle and apply early for the next. Obviously there are a ton of other factors, but I think its worth considering as a soft factor. I hope others will share some insight/ their opinion.
  7. Currently playing the waitlist waiting game and found myself pondering about the reasons people might defer from starting their 1L. For those of you who have deferred, or know someone who has, was the reason academic or work related? How common is it for prospective first years to defer for personal reasons such as travel, family, or simply getting cold feet? I suppose this inquire comes from my desire to assess the likelihood of movement on any given waitlist since it appears (based off reading the school forums) that most classes are full. Please correct me if I am wrong in thinking this.
  8. I've suspected this for some time now. It sounds as though they are interested in creating a well rounded class rather than focusing on merit at this point. Therefore, the likelihood of any one applicant being selected is dependent on the kind of student they are losing from the class and whether or not you'd be a good replacement. Since it appears that classes are pretty much full across Ontario and most other schools (at least from reading forums on this website), the question is how much movement can we really expect from now until the start of classes? While I'm relatively new to this process, it seems like this year was a doozy of an application cycle and is in general difficult to compare to previous cycles.
  9. Update? Just curious if you made your decision yet
  10. I was not able to see my regular application status on uoZone for the last 15 minutes, but it has just now reverted to the normal screen. I imagine there may have been some site maintenance going on.
  11. That would be grossly negligent if they indeed did not review some people's applications. I highly doubt thats the case, but if so, those applicants should demand their application fees be refunded. Otherwise, what is the point of paying the fee at all?
  12. It would seem to me that it's reasonable for Uottawa to increase their application fee and hire a couple more people to manage what is evidently an overwhelming amount of applications for them (each year). While it places a greater financial strain on applicants, i'm sure many would value the quicker processing of their application (and the certainty that accompanies it) over a nominal fee increase. Based off previous years, the average number of applications has roughly been around 2,500. Some increase between $20-30 would raise between 50,000 -75,000 for example. Now, the number of people that could be hired with that revenue and the function they would serve in the review process is another question.
  13. "Unnumbered Waitlisted" 3.49 154 Looking forward to that numbered waitlist if we get it. I suppose it is better than a rejection email this morning. However, now were back in limbo until the numbered waitlist comes out 🙄 This experience feels like treading water at night in the ocean with no idea how close land is...or if it will come at all. It'd almost be better to be flat out rejected so one can plan for next cycle with certainty and move forward on other opportunities.
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