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  1. On OASIS my deposit payment has updated to PAID. I sent it in by mail about 2-3 weeks ago.
  2. Accepted! Can’t believe it!! cGPA 3.74 LSAT 163 General
  3. Me too, but apparently it was an error. How unfortunate.
  4. I updated it anyways because it doesn't cost anything and this way other schools can also see my updated fall grades.
  5. Accepted as well! cGPA: 3.71 LSAT: 163 Excited and in shock!!
  6. I was able to access UoZone before, but now it keeps saying incorrect ID or Password. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. I submitted my application, have an OUAC reference number and my payment has went through, however, I haven't received any e-mail from OLSAS, is this normal? Should I be concerned?
  8. I haven't received any e-mail. I am assuming that is because it hasn't been ONE business day yet. The only problem is for payment it is showing a new account number than the original one I submitted to. I am not sure why. I do have proof of payment.
  9. I submitted my apps on Nov.1st and made the payment. The screen then showed your application is being processed, please check back in 3-5 business days. I just went on to check today, just to see updates, it is back on the payment screen. Is that normal? Do I need to pay again? Are my applications still submitted? Thanks
  10. I am looking to apply to Osgoode, Western, Queens, Uoft, and Ottawa. My cGPA is 3.71, L2 is 3.86 and LSAT at 163. I have avg ECs, working with kids, mentorship programs, working with individuals with disabilities, some research, TA. Also 2 academic references from profs that I have worked with. Thank You!
  11. I am currently in my 3rd Year of undegrad pursuing a science degree. I just wrote my LSAT and got a 156. My GPA is about 3.8. Pretty good ECs.What are my chances of getting in? Does TRU even take 3rd year undergrads?? Thanks !
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