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  1. They specifically mentioned that they would consider it especially for childcare reasons, so you might have a chance!
  2. You could probably email them and tell them that
  3. What/when is the open house? I haven't heard anything about this.
  4. Fail counts as a 0.0, it does not disappear.
  5. I'm just writing this to notify you that there's an accepted thread in case you haven't seen it, and it looks like they're offering to people who are in school currently and wrote the LSAT before Nov.
  6. Would have to disagree with this one. Contractions are too informal for a PS.
  7. Of course it would be a bad idea. Cut out 60 words, don't be crazy.
  8. Just got the email!! Early admission offer with scholarship. L2: about 3.85 LSAT: 165 I'm a 4th year student at the U of A currently.
  9. Yes and I am still a little skeptical about this whole thing. They specifically told me if I sent my transcript before Dec. 3rd they would consider me for early admission, and if I wasn't good enough for early, **THEN** I would have to wait until February. So I am still REALLY hoping.
  10. It does suck! Good luck with Calgary!
  11. And I was so excited to have a relaxing Christmas.
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