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  1. Accepted today general applicant cGPA 3.31 L2 3.6 lsat 168 I was given a deadline of May 30th. (My GPA from four years of undergrad was 3.27. I took two non-degree courses and my OLSAS cgpa was changed to 3.31.)
  2. Accepted today! cgpa 3.31 lsat 168 general may 30th deadline to confirm will be declining
  3. I was just added to the waitlist May 6. In queue March 4. 168 LSAT 3.31 cgpa
  4. Got the email 3.31 cgpa 168 LSAT
  5. Accepted today! Got an email at 5:15pm 3.31, 168 general applicant
  6. Hi Ryn. My understanding is that a WES report is not required for exchange transcripts, so I'm wondering how you would have determined what was below average. The reason I ask is that my UK exchange transcript shows a 60 and a 67, but since the scale is different, these actually aren't as bad as it would seem (more like a B+ and A-). Would it be worth it for me to include a WES report? I don't want these marks to be viewed negatively if they are just looked at alone. Thanks!
  7. Based on other posts, seems like I have a shot at Queen's and Western. What about Osgoode?
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