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  1. I imagined I would have heard through e-mail first. I was stunned to happen upon an offer of admission posted on both OLSAS and OASIS which has been sitting there for a week now. Went into queue Dec. 3rd, received offer of admission Dec. 11th. OLSAS CGPA: 3.52 L2: 3.89 LSAT: 166/168. MA Submitted Part B (Performance Considerations) with medical documentation. Still can't believe it.
  2. Thanks for your advice Xer, To clarify, something to include in the mandatory components of the Personal Statement, or, in the optional 'Part C' addendum? Thanks in advance.
  3. tl;dr Should I submit a part C essay discussing my diagnosed General Anxiety Disorder and its affect on my academic performance in my first two years. Or, should I rely on my (lack of) merit without the addendum so as not to risk the essay reflecting poorly on me as an applicant? cGPA: 3.51/L2: 3.88/ LSAT: 168 I've completed my application and am trying to decide whether or not I should submit the optional 'Part C' essay. I am diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), which impacted my academic performance in my first two years of university. I am deciding whether or not to reference this as a performance consideration in a Part C addendum. I believe my L2: 3.88 reveals a significant upward trend (corresponding with my adoption of proactive strategies to address, cope with and succeed despite my anxiety). While pursuing my MA, I finally got up the courage to discuss my experiences with my family doctor. Here I was formally diagnosed, provided an extensive history of my experiences with the disorder dating back to my first years in university, and was ultimately prescribed medication to mitigate the potential for regression i.e. brief, infrequent anxious episodes I had been managing on my own. I have lurked these forums for a long time and have read many different opinions on the supposed dis/advantages of submitting Part C. While I do believe that my disorder did have an impact on my past performance, I do not wish for it to define me as an applicant. I believe that I have overcome an obstacle to succeed but am still proud of my performance in my later years, my graduate education and my LSAT. Moreover, the last thing I would want is for the adcom to think that I am overly entitled and wish to be granted some special consideration that is not warranted - especially not if I have a chance of being admitted without submitting Part C in the first place. Any guidance would be deeply appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for your response @Constant! U of T is actually my alma mater, both for my BA and MA. I always thought my cGPA would be prohibitively low for consideration there. I guess I might as well take the shot! Where do you fall on the addendum issue? Should I just take those bad years on the chin and not risk coming off as entitled? Also, any idea if I would have a shot at Osgoode, or is it too cGPA focused? Sorry to pester with the follow-ups. Any further guidance you might throw my way would be met with gratitude.
  5. I'm not harbouring any illusions of applying to U of T. I am, however, still holding on to a shred of hope that Osgoode may remain a possibility, if a remote one. After Oz, the list follows: Ottawa, Queen's and Windsor - in that order. Mediocre cGPA: Owing mostly to a train-wreck first 2 years (OLSAS GPA 3.1). At this time, I struggled with debilitating anxiety (diagnosed), which virtually kept me from leaving my bedroom during daylight hours. This anxiety was/is unrelated to academic stress. That notwithstanding, it had a decisive impact on my school performance. I do have documentation corroborating the general anxiety disorder, however, this consists of 1. my initial diagnosis 2 years prior to my enrollment in uni and 2. a second diagnosis, followed by the prescription of medication to manage my anxiety long-term 2 years following my undergraduate graduation. Following my dismal opening effort, I transferred to a more 'prestigious' university with a reputation for academic rigour. Here, my combined OLSAS GPA from 3rd year to graduation was 3.87. OLSAS B3 GPA: 3.91 Misc. Academic Achievement: 'advanced' independent international field research in final year of undergrad, the research paper yielded from this research was later published in a student journal, hold a Master of Arts, received slightly more than a handful of merit-based scholarships, research funding, conference grants, designations etc. (Most notably: SSHRC CGS Master's funding and a top-up fellowship I was nominated for, unbeknownst to me, by my graduate department). I presented at 3 symposia/colloquia during my Master's studies, as well as 1 bonafide state-side conference some months after my graduation. Med-strong Softs: interned as a student-teacher/mentor at an international school, assisting with their post-graduate professional development program serving students from socio-politically disenfranchised communities, volunteered in a similar capacity for secondary students, volunteered as a campaign administrator for a Toronto city councillor bid. 1-year TAship, 1-summer RA ship: worked as a field-researcher on a project tasked with yielding data to support a claim heard in the Ontario Superior Court, worked full-time on a 5-month contract for a leading Canadian law firm in downtown Toronto: work consisted of data-entry and organization of claimant profiles in database. Strong LORs So, is it time I lay my dream of Oz to rest? Also, would it be worth me writing an addendum (part B) to address my middling cGPA/First 2 GPA; elucidating the broader context of an anomalous spike in anxiety? I could discuss it as a learning experience, whereafter, I adopted effective coping strategies which allowed me to succeed academically in my later years? Or, would my supporting documentation be deemed inadequate to substantiate this (wholly genuine and accurate) narrative? Apologies for the long post. Any insights or suggestions provided will be deeply appreciated; even if that entails stomaching some hard truths. Thanks for reading!
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