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  1. I have 2 summer courses to take before I graduate and apply to law school. My question is, does it matter what type of courses I take? Since my second year I've taken mostly senior level courses, with only 2 introductory courses in my final two years. Will law schools care if I take an additional two introductory courses this summer and get As in both of them, or will law schools discount my grades because they're easier classes? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. I have an aunt and uncle as well as cousins in Saskatchewan who I have visited a bunch. Wasn’t sure how much that counts for “connection” could you help with that? Thanks
  3. Yeah! Sorry I should have specified
  4. Cgpa: 3.63 L3: 3.8 L2:3.85 lsat 157 ( plan on rewriting) based off these scores which schools would i most likely be accepted into. I will be redoing the lsat as I know I can do much better. Thanks!!
  5. Cgpa: 3.63/4.0 b2: 3.8 L2: 3.8 lsat:157 (plan to rewrite) limited connection to Saskatchewan based off these stats what would you say my chances are? Thanks in advance:)
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