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  1. Hopefu

    Chances? [3.63, 3.8, 157]

    I have an aunt and uncle as well as cousins in Saskatchewan who I have visited a bunch. Wasn’t sure how much that counts for “connection” could you help with that? Thanks
  2. Hopefu

    What are my chances?

    Yeah! Sorry I should have specified
  3. Hopefu

    What are my chances?

    Cgpa: 3.63 L3: 3.8 L2:3.85 lsat 157 ( plan on rewriting) based off these scores which schools would i most likely be accepted into. I will be redoing the lsat as I know I can do much better. Thanks!!
  4. Cgpa: 3.63/4.0 b2: 3.8 L2: 3.8 lsat:157 (plan to rewrite) limited connection to Saskatchewan based off these stats what would you say my chances are? Thanks in advance:)