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  1. UBC and Uvic do drops (6and 8 respectively I believe but I’d double check that) so your gpa may be higher there. If your gpa isn’t significantly higher after drops then in my personal opinion I would recommend not applying to ubc and uvic to save your money, unless you have extenuating circumstances you can mention in your personal statement. Uofa is strictly a numbers school (22.5xgpa + lsat score; anything above a 242 is supposedly an autoadmit) so you can calculate what lsat you need to get in there. A 165 lsat would probably make you competitive at TRU which would make it easy for you to practice in BC. Dalhousie also does a numerical calculation (0.40xlsat percentile + 0.60xgpa%; anything above a 82 is supposedly an autoadmit). Applying broadly is a good idea I’d say but to save money there are some schools that you might want to not apply to due to your gpa but that’s up to you. As for Windsor I don’t know much about it as I’m not from Ontario and have never really considered it. But for myself, if it was the only school that I got into I would still go there despite the fact that it wasn’t a top choice of mine. Law school is 3 years of your life and so if you really want to pursue a legal career and Windsor is the only school you got into then it would make some sense to go there. Plus there’s always the possibility of transferring to another school after your first year provided you have good grades. Hope that helped and good luck with your applications
  2. First, thank you for that response it was very helpful for me. I’m mainly concerned about being able to work in Calgary upon graduating as I love the city. You mentioned that having a connection to Calgary would somewhat nullify the minor downsides of attending uofa law if i was to only get accepted there. That is where I’m a little uncertain. I was born in Calgary and lived there till I was 3 (lived in BC since) and still have plenty of family and friends in Calgary who I visit often. Would that connection be enough to help convince firms that I’d stay long term? Obviously I know you’re a 1l and probably know just as much as I do for that question, but if you or anyone else does happen to know more about it I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks once again, hope your first year goes great!
  3. I have applied to both uofa and uofc as I would like to practice in Alberta upon graduating. Specifically, my goal is to live in Calgary afterwards. I dont mind Edmonton but do not want to live there for my career as I love Calgary and its surroundings. So, with that in mind, I'm looking for advice on which school I should choose, if accepted by both. I understand there are pros and cons regarding both schools and am hoping people can help provide some insight on these factors. First, location whilst in law school doesnt matter too much for me; I prefer Calgary to Edmonton but if UofA ranks higher in the following factors I wouldn't mind living there for three years. Second, I will be 23 when I begin law school next September and would like to go to a school where 1Ls are all similar in age; I have heard that UofC tends to have an older student population, which concerns me a little as I want to have a social circle who still want to go out and have fun when time permits. Third, I know uofa has a larger student population than uofc but am unsure what this really means as a law student; does anyone have any preferences for larger/smaller student bodies and, if so, why? Fourth, while I understand that there is no significant difference in quality between the law schools at uofa and uofc, I have read that uofa is more established than uofc. Does this have any impact on employment chances? Finally, while I understand that both uofa and uofc have their own student legal services and mooting teams, are they similar in quality or is one school known to have relatively better legal services/mooting teams. At the end of the day I want to live in Calgary after law school but want to go to the better of uofa/uofc for law school itself. If anyone has any insight on this matter, or has any other personal experiences or recommendations, I would love to hear them. Thank you so much!
  4. Currently applying to both uofc and uofa but not sure which one is my top choice, all I know is that I’d like to work and live in Alberta afterwards. Given those stats would you consider me to have a strong chance of being accepted at uofa or would it be a better plan to rewrite the lsat to get a higher score. Thanks in advance!
  5. I am currently applying to UofC and debating whether to rewrite the LSAT one more time. My stats are above, anyone willing to help me predict my chances or advise me to rewrite? If I rewrite it would be the January one, would that put me at a disadvantage since applications are due November 1st? Many thanks in advance
  6. I have 2 summer courses to take before I graduate and apply to law school. My question is, does it matter what type of courses I take? Since my second year I've taken mostly senior level courses, with only 2 introductory courses in my final two years. Will law schools care if I take an additional two introductory courses this summer and get As in both of them, or will law schools discount my grades because they're easier classes? Any help would be appreciated!
  7. I have an aunt and uncle as well as cousins in Saskatchewan who I have visited a bunch. Wasn’t sure how much that counts for “connection” could you help with that? Thanks
  8. Yeah! Sorry I should have specified
  9. Cgpa: 3.63 L3: 3.8 L2:3.85 lsat 157 ( plan on rewriting) based off these scores which schools would i most likely be accepted into. I will be redoing the lsat as I know I can do much better. Thanks!!
  10. Cgpa: 3.63/4.0 b2: 3.8 L2: 3.8 lsat:157 (plan to rewrite) limited connection to Saskatchewan based off these stats what would you say my chances are? Thanks in advance:)
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