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  1. Hey Ryn With regard to medical circumstances mitigating a candidates GPA , how were those treated? How severe did the medical circumstances have to be before they tended to greatly affect the admission? If someone say had a form of cancer for two years which wrecked their GPA, but still had a top 1% LSAT score and a high GPA in the years otherwise, what would the admission committee do in those circumstances? Thanks for taking the time!
  2. General chances question, I literally every year except my final year had medical problems, first-year undiagnosed ADHD and Kidney failure. Second to third was liver cancer, only in my fourth I had no issues and had a 3.94 GPA that year. I have no idea what my chances are as my scores are all over the map. I do have extremely strong LOR's and some published research work. What should I target realistically?
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