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  1. Hey pals, I'm currently a law student at U of T and I'm writing to let you know why you shouldn't study here. Prestige aside, U of T isn't better than Osgoode or other similar law schools. The only difference is the huge price tag. The cost of tuition 2018/19 is $38,233.45. Tuition costs will break $40,000 as soon as next year. Dean Iacobucci has committed to increasing tuition costs the full 5% every year in perpetuity. The Dean claims that these costs are needed in order to keep the highest quality faculty teaching at U of T Law. However, 42% of professors teaching courses are adjunct profs. These professors receive a "modest honorarium" in exchange for teaching a course. On top of that, they're expected to donate that honorarium back to the Faculty of Law! Honestly, I doubt that the U of T Law professors are better than professors at Osgoode or other schools. I've personally had plenty of professors here at the law school that are horrible at teaching, regardless of their "prestige" or "academic honours" in their field. Tuition accounts for 59% of the law school’s revenue, while compensation (i.e. salaries) accounts for 53% of expenses annually. Under a discretionary policy implemented by the administration, the school will match any outside salary offers. This policy has resulted in raises as high as $50,000 in one year for one faculty member alone! The average salary of a U of T Law professor is $218,894.49 while the median salary is $207,311.04. That is astronomical. As a student with immense debt, I feel trapped in the Bay street funnel: it's inconceivable how I'll be able to afford paying back tuition and living costs in government, clinics, or anything along the lines of what I originally wanted to use my law degree for. Many students will tell you the same. In response to these rising tuition costs, and in response to the faculty's Campaign for Excellence without Barriers, students are launching a counter-campaign: The Campaign against Barriers to Excellence. Please check out our website for more information: www.barrierstoexcellence.wordpress.com Obviously, it would be great if you'd retweet and follow our twitter, instagram, and facebook page accounts. The real reason we're here is to answer your questions about U of T regarding tuition costs, whether we think it was worth attending, and more. We want to let you know what it's really like to study here. Ask away.
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