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  1. UofT but I realize that I'll probably need close to a 170 for that so realistically speaking UBC.
  2. I just put my letter grades in the OLSAS calculator.
  3. I'm kind of confused about McGill here. You don't need an LSAT score to apply or to be admitted but if you do have one they'll look at it? How much weight is put on your LSAT if it's not even a requirement and why bother averaging the scores?
  4. Hey folks, So I initially enrolled for the November test and started studying mid-May. I was then told about the July test and how you can see your score before cancelling so I enrolled last minute. Turns out I got a 163 in July, which I am pretty happy with since I was under the impression that 160+ with my GPA would get me into a couple of schools at least. I am going to apply to Ottawa, Queen's, York, Western, UBC, McGill and UofT and was wondering what my chances are. Also, if anyone could give me a ballpark number I would need in my November take in order to have good chances at UBC/UofT, that would be very helpful! (I'm currently thinking 168 for UBC and 170+ for UofT) Thank you!
  5. That's good to know. Would there be a different calculation then if he/she applied to a school outside of Ontario?
  6. Hello there, Are you sure you calculated this correctly? From what I can see here: https://gradecalc.info/ca/on/uottawa/gpa_calc.pl, if an 8 on the Ottawa scale is 3.7 and a 7 is 3.3, then your 7.7 would be more of a 3.6?
  7. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here so hopefully there isn't any guideline I'm not following. So for the past month I've been working on my application for McGill's law school and am pretty much reviewing everything at this point. While I feel like I could refine my personal statement and provide some additional information/documents to my referees, I also heard about rolling admissions and how it might increase your chances if you submit your application as early as possible. As the deadline is November 1st, I am now wondering if I should take all the time I have to make sure my personal statement and references are as polished as possible or if it may be better to submit the version I currently have due to rolling admissions. Any previous experiences from applicants/successful candidates or just your opinions would be very helpful! Thank you!
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