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  1. yes i did check, i guess ill try emailing or calling them. thank you
  2. Anyone still waiting? This really feels like its dragging 😥
  3. I guess "good" is subjective but I have competed as an elite athlete for most of my life, representing my province as well as Canada. I have also volunteered extensively for a non-profit society etc. as far as LOR's go they are from Profs/people I have known for over 4/5 years, so people that really know me and my goals well. What are yours like?
  4. Yes I did apply to both, so hopefully I can come by some miracle this year haha! I do have good EC's and LOR's. thank you
  5. Thanks for your response I appreciate it! I have already graduated unfortunately so there isn't much I think I can do for my gpa. In terms of the LSAT i guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens this round but I just have to get past test day nerves and try again next cycle I guess.
  6. Hi everyone! Just wanted to get some opinions on my situation, I have applied across the board mostly. This is my second year applying to law school my gpa is 3.25 and my Lsat score is 150 (my first write was a 143), I wrote the lsat 3 times and the last 2 times I've gotten the exact same score, I have been PT-ing at 157-160 and I don't know why I seem to just freak out on test day and totally bomb clearly. I am also applying in the access/discretionary category where ever possible. Not to go too into detail but I had an immediate family member pass away during my undergrad that really took a toll on me and my gpa. I know my stats are not going to help me by any means I am just not sure were to go from here or what to make of where I stand.
  7. Hi, just had a quick question that may be obvious but I am too overwhelmed to tell right now haha I am writing the LSAT in November and might write in January again depending on how November goes but the only 2 options to pick from the drop down menu on the application say "I will be writing the upcoming November lsat, and will NOT be writing January" and "I will be writing the January lsat". Would it just be safer to say I'll be writing in January and if I choose not to I could email them?
  8. I was just wondering if U of A still averages all of your LSAT scores? I remember seeing in the past years on their website saying that, but I can't find it anymore. If anyone has any idea please let me know!!
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