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  1. That's what I suspected as well but I wasn't 100% sure, thank you for the response!
  2. I'm a bit confused and was hoping to get some advice from anyone that can help. I was recently accepted into the dual JD program at Windsor; as excited as I was, I still think it's responsible to see where I get into before issuing any firm acceptances. I also applied to the Single JD at Windsor (was referred a few weeks ago) and I haven't heard back yet. On OLSAS, it tells me that I can either firm or provisionally accept the Dual offer, but there's a note that says that I may not be able to change a provisional acceptance to a firm one after the deadline ... which is soon- April 1st. If I provisionally accept the dual and don't hear back from the single until after April 1st, have I lost my spot in the dual? Is there a way to maintain my seat in the dual while still waiting to find out about my single application without screwing myself over?
  3. I was pending review for a few months before being referred to admissions about three weeks ago!
  4. I've checked these forums multiple times a day for 6 months... just got an email that I was accepted 154 LSAT (only write) 3.1 cGPA Had excellent ECs and stellar references - DON'T GIVE UP!
  5. So more waiting huh? Man this is stressful. Best of luck to you.
  6. I was on "Pending Review" for about three weeks until my status on the uwin site just changed to "Referred - Admissions Committee" I'm wondering both if anyone else's status changed recently and, for anyone who's already had this, how long has your status stayed the same? Have you received an answer?
  7. Dual at Windsor you'll probably be alright if you have really good ECs ... no idea about single at Windsor though
  8. I've submitted my application and it still isn't showing up- I'd imagine it takes like a week or so
  9. Hey guys, am planning on applying to Windsor's single and dual JD program before November 1st With a 154 LSAT (one write) 3.4 CGPA (L2 slightly better) and (in my opinion) very strong ECs, really good LORs (department head, very prominent Windsor figure in healthcare) , and personal statements tailored around social justice... What do you guys think of my chances? Would love to hear from other people applying this cycle as well.
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