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  1. Quincy, you make what I thought big firms and quality boutique firm new calls currently make. I was just so surprised to see the husband making that salary in 2018 doing the exact same kind of work that I did. I worked at a firm of similar caliber to his. I have been out of the loop so I have no clue what lawyers are making now. The numbers here surprised me. In terms of "investment", I'm speaking strictly in numbers. The decision to go to law school is a personal choice that more that simply about numbers. I just think those considering law school really think about whether it is worth their time and money.
  2. https://torontolife.com/city/life/renting-condo-helps-mortgage-payments-lawyer-couple-spend-money/ Wow. Can't believe the state of the legal market. This article is about a lawyer couple. They reveal how much they make and how much they spend. Husband, a 2015 call making $80,000-100,000 in insurance defence at a decent firm. I made $95,000 as a new call in 2012 doing that exact same job. http://www.fmlaw.ca/lawyers/stanford-cummings Wife, a 2016 call corporate lawyer at a decent firm as well. $70,000 is a terrible investment considering the amount of education. Tuition at Windsor in 2014 cost $16,049. Making the assumption tuition did not go up, that is 48,147.00 for 3 years of law school. The after tax income of someone making $70,000.00 a year is approximately 48,000.00. http://www.sgrllp.com/our-professionals/victoria-asikis/ https://ca.linkedin.com/in/victoria-antoinette-asikis-b3952370https://www.macleans.ca/education/university/law-school-in-canada-what-will-it-cost/ I currently do not practice law, work 40 hours a week in the public sector and make more than the wife and almost as much as the husband. My coworkers most have bachelor degrees. One even went to college. I do not know why salaries in law are stagnating. I've been told that very senior lawyers are willing to work much more junior level jobs. I would just like to let people know that opportunities exist outside of law with competitive wages and better work/life balance.
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