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  1. Was waitlisted May 23rd, Accepted May 31. Had provisionally accepted elsewhere, will be firm accepting Osgoode.
  2. Hey Ryn, If you have not received any response yet (April 30), can you assume that it is likely that you'll either be waitlisted or rejected? Thank you!
  3. the offer is firm, im assuming you have to pass but nothing else
  4. Accepted Feb 19 LSAT 161 CGPA 3.59 Will be rejecting for another school
  5. Accepted Today 3.59, 161 Fourth Year student
  6. Hi, Are we supposed to upload our CV/Resume? I haven't seen it required anywhere but I heard that we are supposed to, or did I just hear about the sketch/verifiers? Sorry for the really basic question, just paranoid.
  7. Are we supposed to upload a CV/Resume to the application? Or just the sketch/verifiers? Didn't see anything on the site/application components, but just wondering just in case. Thank you!
  8. I know. I am applying to all Ontario schools. Though, that's why I am considering the Jan LSAT, i think by Jan I will be able to increase the score a lot.
  9. I know Osgoode does accept the Jan LSAT, though does anyone know of people who have gotten in having written it? I got a 158 on the Sept LSAT and don't think the November Lsat is enough time to dramatically increase, will Osgoode seriously consider my Jan score?
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