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  1. UAlberta student here going into 2L. Want to work as a defense lawyer in BC, or crown in BC/AB, ideally after clerking at provincial (or higher) court in BC or AB. Most of my classes had a 2.9/3.0 curve (B). Crim B+ Contracts A- Torts B Property B Constitutional B Legal Research and Writing B+ With average ECs and having worked blue collar jobs for 5ish years before law school, how do my grades stack up? I have a 3.2 GPA, and am not interested in corporate law. Would like to do crim, or possibly labour or family. Haven't decided yet. Do I have a shot at clerking? Would law review help?
  2. I liked using OneNote. Worth a shot, felt quite organized.
  3. Just pulled up my scotiabank account. I have a banking section with chequing and savings accounts. I also have a borrowing section with "Scotia Professional Stud. Plan" showing that I have $83 400 available. I'm not sure how one exactly uses the money, the site is a bit confusing as I do all of my banking through a credit union. Sorry, I don't really have an answer for you. Definitely something your rep (or anyone at the bank) should be able to answer for you.
  4. I have the same LOC. My understanding is that the money is available to you ($40kish per year) and you don't accrue interest until you use it by withdrawing the money or paying bills with it etc. I don't think the money is "sitting in your account" it's more that it just is available to you to use if you wish. I also didn't touch my LOC last year as I had sufficient savings and government loans to make it through.
  5. Listen to the Thinking LSAT podcast and change how you study.
  6. W I went last year as well and there was only one male student in a suit. Everyone else (including myself) were business casual which seemed more appropriate.
  7. Anyone know where the requirements are listed online? Not just the GPA cutoff, but the amount of pass/fail classes you can take etc. I can't seem to find them. For Dean's list as well as with distinction etc. Thanks!
  8. Everyone I know who wanted a parking pass got one. There is some free parking about 15 minute walk away from school. Many students still live at home, so they drive in, plenty will take transit though. Personally, I walk everyday as it is only about 15 minutes and the transit system here isn't fantastically reliable.
  9. I live in Garneau, can walk to school in 18 minutes and I love the neighbourhood. Definitely try and live close to school if you can, you'll appreciate it when it gets cold. Check rentfaster/kijiji. It's nice being able to stumble home from Whyte Ave.
  10. Did you end up transferring? How was the process?
  11. The LRW course is graded, but because it's curved unless you really mess up you should get about an average grade. It's more of a hassle than anything.
  12. Listen to the Thinking LSAT podcast. I studied for about a month and did fine.
  13. I checked after I got in by emailing them. Didn't bother inquiring before.
  14. I got in with 163 and 164 lsat and a 3.7 l2 (confirmed) in february prior to submitting my PS. Accepted Feb 2018.
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