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  1. Everyone I know who wanted a parking pass got one. There is some free parking about 15 minute walk away from school. Many students still live at home, so they drive in, plenty will take transit though. Personally, I walk everyday as it is only about 15 minutes and the transit system here isn't fantastically reliable.
  2. I live in Garneau, can walk to school in 18 minutes and I love the neighbourhood. Definitely try and live close to school if you can, you'll appreciate it when it gets cold. Check rentfaster/kijiji. It's nice being able to stumble home from Whyte Ave.
  3. Did you end up transferring? How was the process?
  4. The LRW course is graded, but because it's curved unless you really mess up you should get about an average grade. It's more of a hassle than anything.
  5. Listen to the Thinking LSAT podcast. I studied for about a month and did fine.
  6. I checked after I got in by emailing them. Didn't bother inquiring before.
  7. I got in with 163 and 164 lsat and a 3.7 l2 (confirmed) in february prior to submitting my PS. Accepted Feb 2018.
  8. I'm a 1L at a Canadian school. I got shitty grades in my first 2 years but pulled it together and got A's in my last two years while working. I worked and went to school while studying for the LSAT and got in easily to my school. Both my parents are first generation non white immigrants who worked their asses off so I don't have to (physically at least). I am definitely privileged compared to much of the population, but I still had to work my ass off and pay for my own school. If you think not writing the LSAT will make your life easier....I have bad news about law school. It gets way harder, and I have fond memories of studying for the LSAT because it was a lot more enjoyable for me personally. I don't recommend going with any of your options that you listed. I suggest you either go to a Canadian law school (lots of people do) or choose a different profession (there are many) instead of wasting years of your life and TONS of money for a degree that many employers look down upon and will make your job hunt unnecessarily difficult. It's not impossible, it just isn't the smartest way to do it. Best of luck to you.
  9. This is an anecdote but I'm a 1l and one guy got accepted off the waitlist the day before classes started and moved up here from Calgary.
  10. I studied seriously for about a month before my first LSAT and scored 163 (diagnostic 156). Worked my ass off studying afterwords using LSAT Trainer, logic game bibles, Fox LSAT logic games, and FOX LSAT logical reasoning and got a 164. I still ended up getting -8 on LG which is supposedly the easiest to improve on. I never mastered it. You might have some bad RC habits like writing or marking up too much. I recommend listing to the Thinking LSAT podcast, because it helped me change how I view the test and got me to feel comfortable when I went in to write it.
  11. One guy wasn't at pre orientation and showed up after classes started. So maybe it went up by a couple. I feel like there have definitely been people who dropped out. Did you end up attending another school?
  12. I believe we were told that there were 183 of us at the beginning of the year. Just FYI.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I ended up going to the Bay and found a nice DKNY suit, and a cheap one at simons that also looked pretty good on me off the rack. That being said, I'm considering getting a suit from Indochino. Quite a bit more but I guess one suit should be sufficient at least for my first year of law school.
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