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  1. Waitlisted last week as well. index: 91.12 (self-calculated, GPA doesn't change much with drops)
  2. Just checked OASIS, was waitlisted March 29th. cGPA 3.3 LSAT 168
  3. Hi! I got an email reply from them when I sent in the form. Beartracks updated a couple days later in Financials > Account Details>balance for all terms: -$500
  4. Rejected as well cGPA 3.3, LSAT 168
  5. Received the email this afternoon! L2 3.25/ LSAT 168 Green circle last week as well
  6. Everything feels surreal right now - got the acceptance email and scholarship offer earlier today. L2: ~3.25 LSAT: 164.5 average (161 and 168) -status changed on beartracks as well -currently in last year of studies -submitted application end of September, got the email about consideration for early admission in November and submitted the PS and unofficial transcript then
  7. Hi guys, happy October! I'm applying to schools this round and would appreciate some advice on whether or not I should retake the LSAT in November. History: -LSAT: 161 (2015); 168 (Sept.2018) -cGPA: 79% at UBC so a 3.3 for OLSAS -L2: also a 3.3 -B3: 3.4 -Currently in my last year of study in a professional program so I have practicum 8-5pm but free otherwise I have this week to decide if I want to retake the LSAT in November in hopes of getting a couple points higher to save my GPA. When practicing, my LSAT score range was from 166-172 so even with the extra month or so of study I can't guarantee change. The downside to retaking would be less time to write personal statements etc. this month as well as missing out on being considered in November/December(?) round. Any other things I should consider? Should I retake? Thank you
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