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  1. update: accepted today and will be declining the spot
  2. Accepted today! Status was previously Unnumbered Waitlist (since 2 days ago). cGPA 3.3, LSAT 168. Will be declining my spot, good luck everyone!
  3. Called today. My waitlist spot moved from #64 (in early June) to #58. They also said that there are a couple of spots left in the class so it's not totally full yet. Good luck to everyone waiting :))
  4. Waitlisted today (received email to check uozone), cGPA 3.3, LSAT 168
  5. Update: talked to UA's student financial services and they stated that UA was not able to provide a tuition $ for Appendix 3 as I'm not formally registered in courses yet. They recommended two options: A) contact the law faculty directly and get a letter stating the tuition amount I will be paying and send that to Studentaid BC for reassessment (have to fill out extra documentation) or B) cancel my current student loan application and reapply in July once I'm registered in courses They did also say that the time for reassessment may take longer than just cancelling and reapplying so I'm most likely going to go option B)
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! That's really bizarre. I'll call UA student financial services tomorrow and see if they have any ideas from their end too.
  7. Hi guys, This was my first time applying for BC student loans and I think I may have jumped the gun on the application. I submitted it last week and was notified today that I will be getting $5.6k only. I was honestly expecting more so I'm trying to figure out if and where I may have messed up on the application. The only weird thing I noticed was that on the assessment break down, Studentaid BC lists Tuition/Fees as $0. I'm not sure if this is a number that they generated through calculations on their end or received directly from the school. I know that the school (UA) filled out Appendix 3 for the application and confirmed the program and that I will be taking "100%" of the course load. However, I'm not registered for courses yet. Should I have waited until I'm registered in courses to apply for student loans? Was there something else I may have missed? If so, how do I fix or update my application now? Thanks Edit: I called Studentaid BC but received the message "we're sorry, the system is currently unavailable..."
  8. Waitlisted last week as well. index: 91.12 (self-calculated, GPA doesn't change much with drops)
  9. Just checked OASIS, was waitlisted March 29th. cGPA 3.3 LSAT 168
  10. Hi! I got an email reply from them when I sent in the form. Beartracks updated a couple days later in Financials > Account Details>balance for all terms: -$500
  11. Rejected as well cGPA 3.3, LSAT 168
  12. Received the email this afternoon! L2 3.25/ LSAT 168 Green circle last week as well
  13. Everything feels surreal right now - got the acceptance email and scholarship offer earlier today. L2: ~3.25 LSAT: 164.5 average (161 and 168) -status changed on beartracks as well -currently in last year of studies -submitted application end of September, got the email about consideration for early admission in November and submitted the PS and unofficial transcript then
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