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  1. That is not what happened for me. I had to go under the applications tab, it comes up as soon as you log in. Once you click that there is a student center button , it should be in top row, then, on the middle left side of the page it says statement of account click that and then there is another tab at the top that says payments and it should show you that its' been paid for. Keep in mind the student center tab will only appear once your deposit has gone through.
  2. Hey, I think you have a chance. I also had some low stats and was able to get into law school in Canada. Just make sure you do an amazing job with your personal statement and get very strong reference letters. If there is anyway for you to increase you GPA, do that, if not, try to hone in on why you NEED law school and frame your application around that. Best of luck!!
  3. what about being a first generation immigrant from a low income household?
  4. Of course! everyone goes up at their own pace. From what I have heard generally, the more time you put in (relative to yourself -not compared to other people) you go up, some people go up faster then others but you do go up as you practice and master certain concepts which is possible!
  5. I scored low on my lsat but have a decent GPA, do they balance eachother out/
  6. Hey! I am so confused, I do not know how to apply to law schools outside of Ontario. Can someone PLEASE help me Thanks !!
  7. Honestly don't be disheartened! I'm sort of on the same boat. Try applying to Windsor, it doesn't hurt and maybe some american school so you have some sort of choice. Worst case, you don't get in, you try again next year, maybe redo some courses to boast your CGPA or attempt the LSAT giving yourself ample time to prepare, some people (myself included) can't do amazing on in this exam even with an entire summer we need more time than that, and this is absolutely the type of exam where your score is closely related to the amount of time and effort you put in. If law school is your dream, I promise you it will work out for you but you might have to put in more time than someone else to have it come true, and that doesn't matter as long as your working towards it! YOU GOT THIS <3
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