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  1. Hi rck, Thank you for the advice - LSAT is currently improving but I think both of you are right to be cautious with the November exam. I appreciate the feedback!
  2. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone could tell me what the French interview is generally like if you're selected when applying to McGill? I took core French throughout high school, completed a French work exchange in 2013, and served on my university's French society. I'm wondering if they will call me and what to expect if they do! Any information would be appreciated!
  3. Hi, I forgot to mention that the Dalhousie GPA system is out of 4.3 rather than 4.0
  4. Hi there, I'm just wanting some general advice for my McGill application. I graduated from Dal this May with a 3.79 CGPA, honours, and volunteer work at the Halifax Legal Aid clinic. I'm applying to McGill for 2019, I'm taking the LSAT in December - currently testing at a 150 which is making me really nervous. However, I think with a solid personal statement I might still stand a chance for entry. Right now I'm writing my personal statement about the ways in which the law has intersected in my life and how that made me interested in localized issues of poverty and inequalities. Anyway - super stressed so any advice would be appreciated...
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