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  1. I’ve taken courses post graduation to boost my GPA. You can PM me if you like.
  2. Yup, search 'Osgoode Hall Law School - Class of 2024' on FB.
  3. Great! Thanks. Sounds like I can't go wrong with Osgoode.
  4. Anyone willing to do an updated one for Osgoode? I recently got accepted and I'm trying to decide if its the right fit for me. Do York strikes have an impact on Osgoode students? I understand they may be under separate administration but nevertheless, it's the same campus. Thanks!
  5. I never thought I would be posting in Osgoode's accepted thread BUT here I am! Accepted yesterday (April 15th). cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 162 Filled out part B. Last year I was on the verge of giving up and now here I am with an Osgoode offer 😌 I hope my low cGPA gives hope to others in the same boat.
  6. Not sure about Osgoode but Windsor put me on a waitlist then continued to accept students so its possible to get accepted while others are being waitlisted.
  7. This thread discusses transferring between law schools.
  8. Yup! you can make that change on OLSAS if you don’t want to wait to hear back from other schools.
  9. Would they be comfortable sharing their stats on this forum?
  10. I have rejected my spot. Hopefully it goes to one of you peeps! ❤️
  11. Ok look, you got into Osgoode. Congratulations! There’s honestly no need to criticize other schools you’re not even attending. You did apply there and had Oz (or any other school) not picked you, you would’ve possibly been at this “trash” school as you call it. You’re the one who needs to humble down and not think that an acceptance to Oz gives you the right to look down on others. The kind of attitude you’re displaying here would probably not take you far in the legal field, in my humble opinion.
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