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  1. I don't have the one-on-one tutoring experience with Yoni but I am sure its going to be very helpful. Yoni is like a genius when it comes to LSAT lol. I've struggled with RC myself but after taking classes with him, I've seen great improvement. If I can get tons of RC tips in a class setting, I'm sure you'll learn a lot more with the private tutoring.
  2. 😳 I got into Dual with MUCH lower stats and you got waitlisted?! That's crazy
  3. What prep materials are you using? Do you have access to a lot of prep tests? Maybe you can practice with actual RC passages from previous tests to increasing your reading speed and/or understand the passage structure.
  4. English isn't my first language either and I'm nowhere perfect on RC but what helped me with the speed was reading aside from LSAT practice. Reading in general will help you with the speed and also in understanding the material at the same time.
  5. I believe registration for the August LSAT hasn't opened yet. You may be looking at available locations for the July one? I checked two days ago and there was no option to register for the August test yet.
  6. That's awesome! Congratulations on your acceptances. Yes I graduated in 2017 so if the next cycle doesn't work, the smart decision would be to wait until I can fall in the mature category and try again. Did you have 5+ years of work experience at the time of applying?
  7. Thank you so much. Hopefully the odds play in my favour and I can eventually get into a law school in Canada.
  8. For reference, my degree is in Criminology and law and society so what other career options do I have besides law school? I'm stuck in a dead end corporate job and wanted to change careers
  9. That's my plan. I don't have a preference for any school given my low GPA so I guess I should go ahead with the August LSAT and decide from there. Thank you for your response! Much appreciated
  10. Yes I am planning to register for the August LSAT. My GPA is horrible so do you thinking a Fall semester is worth it? I need career advice as to what I can possibly do if Law school doesn't work out but I don't know where to look and who to reach out to.
  11. You're right. I don't have much to lose and I am already so far in my LSAT practice that I might as well give it a one last shot.
  12. Yeah I emailed a few schools and some (Western, Ottawa, Queens and Calgary) said they will count it in the cGPA but not L2 but not sure of others.
  13. I tried the OLSAS calculator from here and its as following: cGPA: 3.18 Last TWO: 3.22 Best three: 3.26 - Idk how this would work when I only have three years of undergrad. Would it help to take on the fall semester? I'm currently taking 2 summer courses Hypothetically, I'll end up with a 3.3 cGPA and 3.5 L2 if I go ahead with the summer and Fall courses
  14. Hey guys! I've been debating for a while whether I am making the right decision of dropping so much $$ in LSAT prep and Applications fees when I do not have the best LSAT or GPA and if I should even bother writing the August LSAT. I have written before and got a 153 and 150. I have been studying on and off for the past year but for the past 3 months, I really got down to it and had a schedule where I was studying 4 times a week. Lately, most practice tests have been around mid to high 160s. The last one was a 166. However, it does sometimes fluctuate so much that I would end up with a 157 which is making me rethink as to whether I want to write in the next three months. I don't have the best GPA either. I have three years of undergrad as I converted credits from college (3.5/4.0 not that it matters) so my three years look something like this: Year 2 Semester 1: B, B-, B-, B+, A- Semester 2: A-, A-, B-, B Year 3 Semester 3: B, B, B+, C, C+ Semester 4: B, B, B, C+ Repeated and got an A, C- Repeated and got a B+ Summer Semester: B+, A Year 4: Semester 5: A, A, A- A- Semester 6: A-, A-, A-, A-, A- I am currently in school taking classes to boost my GPA and my prediction is that I shouldn't have a problem getting at least an A- to an A in them. I'm planning to also take a full Fall semester (5 courses) to increase my GPA but in the end, how much of a difference would it really make? I decided end of year 3 that I wanted to go to Law school but at the time, I only had one year to do well in my courses which I did but it didn't improve my GPA as much. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Should I write the August LSAT and see what score I get? or would it not be worth it considering my low GPA? Open to any sort of advice. Should I pursue a Masters instead and drop the idea of becoming a lawyer? My ECs are average. I interned with a Criminal Defense Attorney, started a club on campus, volunteer at shelters etc.
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