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  1. I’ll be honest with you. I think RC is the hardest section to improve on. Unless you’re a passive reader, it’s where you would see the least amount of improvement. HarvardReady really helped me with LR but my RC didn’t improve much from when I started the course. (Though Yoni gave great tips on RC).
  2. Are you still selling the package?
  3. The powerscore podcast predicted a -9 for a 170 on the August flex. Listen to their podcast to get an idea of how many you could've gotten wrong! They go in detail for each day of the flex test since there are diff sets of the test
  4. Have you taken a diagnostic for the LSAT? I'm an applicant myself so take my advice with a grain of salt but you will qualify for mature category for most schools since you have 5+ years of professional experience. If you have a high LSAT, you may not need to take extra classes. Take a diagnostic and see how you perform. Some people are naturally good at it and with decent amount of study, score pretty well on the test. You might be one of them who knows but it would be good to know where you stand.
  5. I think they should be in by October 31st for Ontario schools.
  6. Good luck with your application process. I hope you have a wonderful future ahead of you!
  7. Is it because Ontario schools don't have drops?
  8. Definitely! I was looking over past threads for those schools and everyone seems to have high LSAT + GPA. The 4 schools you mentioned are on my list of choices, given my stats.
  9. This weekend is actually the deadline to drop. I'll only lose 10% but money's not that big of an issue (Thank you Lord) They'll be counted towards cGPA not L2/B2. Also, just calculated my cGPA with drops with UBC and it comes to 81%. Not much different than if I continue with the classes
  10. Been thinking about that too actually. I'm only taking three classes this fall so even if I get all As, my GPA would only increase by a few points. I thought it'd be good to take extra classes to show an upward trend in my GPA. Really gotta made the decision now because Nov lsat registration deadline is coming up lol
  11. Windsor, Queens, Osgoode, Lakehead, Ottawa and UofT (knew I had 1% chance but had a fee waiver). Got accepted to the Dual program but couldn’t justify the cost of tuition Planning to apply broadly this time and go out of province if needed.
  12. Thank you!! Been trying for two years lol so hopefully I can wait for another one
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