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  1. Thank you!! Hoping to get admitted 🙏🏼
  2. Apologies if an official Single JD Waitlist thread has been started - Please delete this one if it has. Waitlisted today. LSAT: 162 (highest) cGPA: 3.4 L2: 3.5ish ECs - Meh they're subjective
  3. Relax, eat well and sleep well. I shortened my hours of study the week leading up to my November flex (something I didn't do during the august test) and decided to go easy on myself. Try to focus on the pattern of any wrong answer choices you may have and practice questions similar to that. The day before the test, do NOT even think about the LSAT. Just make sure you don't do anything crazy that'll tire you out but just take a break, read your favourite book or something. I remember Yoni (from Harvard Ready) telling us to do a few LR questions, maybe a game and an RC passage the morning of our test and I think that really helped me with my November score. It gets you in the "LSAT zone". I tried to calm my nerves during the test by focusing on the test itself rather than the end result. (The what if I get another 15x and never get into a law school). It helps lower the stress in my opinion. Good luck!!
  4. That is just wrong on so many levels.
  5. Honestly, I might be the odd one out here but for some reason, I'm not that worried. Sure I would check my application status like once a week just in case but other than that, I'm totally relaxed. It's not because I don't care about going to law school or I have stellar stats but I've learnt to not stress over things out of my control. I have done all I could to improve my chances and anything other than that is beyond my capacity. It is what it is at this point. Law school is a big deal but there's also more to life and I'm trying to enjoy other things that bring me happiness
  6. Not every action needs a reaction. Though I have nothing against this forum, which I believe can be very helpful and guide you to the right path, it's not fair to set your expectations high. We're all a bunch of strangers and the kind of comfort and encouraging words you might be looking for are better received from family/friends. Cheers!
  7. You might want to be careful with putting so much information out there that will reveal your identity unless you're okay with it. Either way, good luck with your application!
  8. Have you taken a diagnostic test yet? I highly recommend HarvardReady but because of the cost, I'd suggest taking a diagnostic first to see where to stand and what you need to improve on. If you get a 130 on your diagnostic then yes, HarvardReady would be a great investment but if you get a high diagnostic score, you might be able to save money and do some self-study. Personally, I really benefitted from the course and managed to break the 160s which I was struggling with for a bit. The material provided is also very helpful with tons of homework for you to get a hang of the basics of the LSAT. Yoni is also a great instructor, frankly an LSAT genius, but other instructors are just as awesome!
  9. You need to upload your transcripts on your own. Their website states official transcripts are only required for students granted admission or placed on waitlist. Also, you should call the school because your unofficial transcripts were to be uploaded by December 1st (im like 99% sure)
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