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  1. Dreamchaser

    Chances LSAT 153

    SingleJD or Dual JD?
  2. Dreamchaser

    Is 35 too old to go to law school?

    Never too old to pursue your dreams!! If that’s what you really want to do then why not??
  3. Dreamchaser

    Prep classes

    how did you guys get in contact with him? I've tried calling them, sent an email and left a voicemail as well. So far, I haven't received a response and its been over a month now.
  4. Dreamchaser

    What are my chances? [153]

    Thank you!! I’m definitely working on improving my stats. (GPA AND LSAT score). Guess I just didn’t take it seriously until my last year and when I did put in effort, I had no problem achieveing all A’s. It’s all about hard work and dedication in my opinion.
  5. Dreamchaser

    Freaking out beacause of OLSAS GPA conversion

  6. Dreamchaser

    Freaking out beacause of OLSAS GPA conversion

    When did I say it was 3.3? I said "somewhat" in the same boat, meaning my GPA was higher but once I checked on OLSAS, it was lower. Also, I compared himself to him because our stats aren't competitive.
  7. Dreamchaser

    Freaking out beacause of OLSAS GPA conversion

    I’m somewhat in the same boat as you! When converted, my OLSAS GPA was around 3.3 and not a competitive LSAT score at all. I also agree that this is not a hopeless case either. Trust me when I say this, and many may disagree with me (but who cares lol), you CAN improve your score on the LSAT if you actually focus and put hard work in it. Also, your LSAT score in NO way, shape or form determines how well you perform as a lawyer. I come from a family of lawyers (mom, dad, brother, sister in law) so believe me, it’s not all about your LSAT score but what you learn in law school and how you apply it after. My brother bombed the LSATs but almost 7-8 years into practice now as a corporate lawyer, his score has no affect on his capabilities as an attorney. If a law degree is what you REALLY want to pursue, then by all means do whatever it takes to achieve it. Try upgrading your grades, take LSAT classes, (I’ve heard Harvard Ready is the best) do tons and tons of practice tests and apply in the next cycle again. Good luck!!! I wish you all the best.
  8. Dreamchaser

    What would YOU do?

    I would wait.
  9. Dreamchaser

    Verifying ECs

  10. Dreamchaser

    Verifying ECs

  11. Dreamchaser

    Chances? [160 / CGPA 3.74, L2 3.83, B3 3.92]

    I think you have a decent chance at Queens and Ottawa. Make sure your LORs are strong!!
  12. Dreamchaser

    Verifying ECs

    Yes of course. Lying isn't a part of my life 🙃
  13. Dreamchaser

    Verifying ECs

    So I had someone ask me a very interesting question today. How are ECs verified? A girl who got accepted to windsor last year told me she over exaggerated her ECs. Thoughts?
  14. Dreamchaser

    Opinions on UK law schools?

    What is everyone’s opinion on going to the UK for law school? Is there government funding for that? What about job prospects? I know a Bay Street lawyer who says it’s not worth it because it’s not quality education but I wanted to see what others think about it?
  15. Dreamchaser

    What are my chances? [153]

    Understandable! But why is OLSAS gpa lower? I’m a little confused about it. what’s the logic behind it?