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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Am I wrong in thinking that a firm will ask you if you are attending the dinner during Call Day? If so, it seems like that would be the most obvious moment to ask for a lunch on Tuesday?
  2. Thanks @erinl2, @BlockedQuebecois and @Starling for your view/advice. Is it typical to ask for a lunch if your dinner is already taken? Or would a firm think this is weird. Thanks again.
  3. For Toronto in-firms, a number of firms have Monday dinners and you can only attend one. Some firms also offer Tuesday interviews, so you can max attend 2 dinners. If you tell a firm you won't be able to attend their dinner, how screwed are you with that firm? Is it even worth interviewing with a firm that you've turned down a dinner with? It seems a bit silly that your chances would be shot given how many firms are having dinners, but I am interested in anyone's thoughts/experiences. Thanks in advance.
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