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  1. Did you end up living here? I also can't find info about it.
  2. Hey! Is there a Facebook group for this year's class?
  3. If we didn't get waitlisted today, do you think we should assume we got rejected?
  4. Don't worry, you're not alone. My application has been complete since November but still no response. I'm sure there's a lot of similar people too.
  5. So excited, I just got accepted off the waitlist! Index 75.7+ Will be attending. Good luck to everyone! Rooting for all of you.
  6. I'm also waitlisted in the twenties. Manitoba is my first choice so I'll be hoping for the best. Index 75.7+. Good luck to everyone waiting with me!
  7. Does anyone have any idea about when a second wave could be?
  8. I'm just wondering if anybody has heard anything yet?
  9. Before today, all the items on my To Do List were marked as completed. But now its all gone and says "No To Dos Found." Has this happened to anyone else?
  10. Hi everyone, I was just about to submit my OLSAS app but noticed the wording of the question: Were you ever required to withdraw from a law school or other postsecondary program? My situation is that I left a 5 week post-secondary program a couple days early due to some personal circumstances. The withdraw was on my own request, not the institution's requirement. So do I still respond yes to the question?
  11. Does anyone know a timeline on when they will be added?
  12. Hi, I created an OUAC Account in 2013-2014 to apply to my undergrad. However, the email I used for the account is not registering and the website states: "I will create only one OUAC Account. If I forget my username, I will use the options provided to recover my original username. I understand that if I create more than one profile, the profile and any associated applications will be invalid." Anyone else have this problem? Also, when I try to recover my username by putting in my DOB and email it says "Could not find matching profile".
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