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  1. Mandy555

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    Thanks so much! That's super helpful and a great way to look at it! Good luck to you too!
  2. Mandy555

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    Thanks so much! I think your decision making process seems very reasonable and your advice is really helpful. I actually haven't really been focusing on weighing the pros of each school, I've mainly been comparing the cons which isn't really that helpful considering that they're both great schools!
  3. Mandy555

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    If you don’t mind me asking, how did it affect you?
  4. Mandy555

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    Thanks for all your advice! It’s definitely reassuring to hear a perspective from someone who chose Osgoode over UofT. I’ll take some time to do more research and probably some time off this forum!
  5. Mandy555

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    Thanks for your response! I think the whole emphasis on Bay Street definitely is influencing me a little. I have thought a lot about how Osgoode seems a lot better for social justice/public services and I think this is where my interests lie. My only concern is that I'm not entirely sure and I haven't even started law school yet, so I'm afraid of starting school and realizing that my interests are completely different. That's kind of why I was trying to look at which school provides a wider range of options.
  6. Mandy555

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    This is something I was concerned about but I have heard that the Strike doesn't affect the law students
  7. Mandy555

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    *choosing UofT my bad lol 😂
  8. Mandy555

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    Thanks so much for your help! A lot of the reasons you listed were some of the things I was considering when I decided Osgoode was right for me. I do have two reservations though I've heard from others that it's largely a myth that UofT's culture is unfriendly and more high-pressure than other schools. I know that the students going there are some of the best and that probably has some affect on what it feels like going there but can anyone who's attended UofT confirm or disconfirm this? Most people I know who attend UofT live downtown or somewhere within Toronto and their commute consists of a fairly quick subway ride which is cheap too. On the other hand, I've heard that York is considered a commuter school and I actually know some people who spend an hour (one way) commuting there everyday so I'm not necessarily concerned about commuting if I went to UofT.
  9. Mandy555

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    Yes! I've had a look at it and depending on how much Osgoode gives in bursaries, the cost could be pretty similar, I just don't really know what Osgoode would offer me
  10. Mandy555

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    The issue though is that I have no idea whether I would receive anywhere close to 15K from Osgoode. UofT has a financial aid calculator so I have a pretty good idea of how much I would receive, but Osgoode doesn't
  11. Hey everyone, I've been accepted to both Osgoode and UofT. I was accepted to Osgoode first and and have actually already provisionally accepted my offer to Osgoode and thought I made the right decision because it's cheaper and seems to have more clinics and courses that suit my interests than UofT. However, from looking at a couple of threads on here, it seems like most people who were accepted both to Osgoode and UofT, ended up using UofT and I'm just wondering for those of you who chose/are going to choose UofT over Osgoode, what made you make that decision? I'm wondering if I should reconsider my decision to go to Osgoode.
  12. did you provisionally accept your offer to anywhere else? my friend has very similar stats to you (slightly lower gpa, but slightly higher lsat) and hasn't been accepted either but she provisionally accepted her offer to McGill (or whatever the equivalent is called). Wondering if that has anything to do with it?
  13. Mandy555

    UofT for Family law?

    Can anyone give any insight into how UofT is for family law? I don't see any legal clinics that are specific for family law but are there other opportunities? How easy is it to get into family law from UofT
  14. Mandy555

    U of T vs. Osgoode Financial Aid?

    Is this based on family income? and how low would it have to be to receive 15K?
  15. U of T provides a financial aid calculator and from looking at a few threads on here it seems that it's pretty accurate and pretty generous (dependent on need). Osgoode, however, doesn't have any sort of calculator, their site just says that they give different levels of bursaries ranging anywhere from $1K to $15K. I have no idea what kind of aid I could expect from Osgoode so can anyone give some insight into how good their financial aid system is? For example, how much financial need would you have to show in order to receive the larger bursaries? Additionally, does Osgoode provide financial aid for every year of law school? Just to clarify, I'm talking about bursaries, not merit-based scholarships. Thanks!