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  1. 2:53pm call OLSAS CGPA: 3.86, B3: 3.9, LSAT: 166 LAST name towards end
  2. When the admissions committee gets our applications, do the sketch/verifiers get listed in order by date? I think right now it's sorting by the order I inputted it, if I want it to show up by date, does it mean I need to re-input everything again to get it by date right?
  3. Does U of T even take a look at the sketch/verifier section of the application? Or is pretty much just LSAT, GPA, PS?
  4. Is it just me or is there actually no place to put a title for what the verifier is? For example, if your job was an waitress, there is no actual input area to put 'waitress' - do you just put it along with your description (144 characters)?
  5. Thanks!! Did you go to uni in Ontario or elsewhere?
  6. I'm a recent university graduate ( U of T), do I need to request a transcript through my university (go to my registrar) or can I do it through my online application? I pressed 'request transcript' but it says 'document received 0'. Under 'transcript agreement' in OLSAS's guide says to "Arrange with the Registrar's Office(s) of each university, college or CEGEP that you attended to send complete official transcript(s) of all course work completed to date directly to". However, under "Transcripts from an Ontario University or College", OLSAS says that "If you attended or are currently enrolled at an Ontario university or college, you mustrequest your transcript through your online application". These two actions are not mutually exclusive, do we do both?. Please help! - Does this mean i need to submit my application well in advance for them to have my transcript by nov 1st?
  7. Right now, under 'Document Tracking', under transcript, it says that the number of documents received was 0 and under LSAT it says that no information is available. I already entered in my LSAC account number under the LSAT tab and put my school down to request a transcript. Will OLSAS obtain my LSAT and transcript info once I submit my application? Until then, will the status always say 0 documents received for transcript and no info available for LSAT?
  8. Hey, isn't the entering class's median 3.87? https://www.law.utoronto.ca/about/jd-first-year-class-profile
  9. My goal school is U of T I graduated in 2018 and started work, I'm planning on applying for the 2019 cycle. Stats: OLSAS B3: 3.9 LSAT: 159, 166 ECs: mediocre Work experience: good summer internships in professional service firms (do they even care about this?) I would really appreciate any input!
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