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  1. rejected with these same stats today at 5:15pm good luck to everyone, sending positive vibes!
  2. Hi! To anyone who has been accepted earlier on: when is your deadline to accept? This might give us an idea of when those waiting might hear back. Thank you!!!
  3. Hi! I thought Queen’s looked at your last two rather than your best two?
  4. from my knowledge it means that they are looking at your application. But I've also heard about people who never went in queue and just heard back right away while their portal didn't say anything about being in queue.
  5. My status has been at “under evaluation” since Nov 7th and nothing on the Ottawa portal has changed. I know it’s not near the end but should I be concerned?
  6. In my acceptance e-mail, Windsor specifically said "The University of Windsor’s Office of the Registrar has moved to a new online system that has come with a few unexpected glitches, including delaying your official offer of Admission" so remain hopeful!!! It's just technology that might be holding it back.
  7. Accepted today through email!!! (Feb 14th) cGPA 3.3, B2/L2 3.5 LSAT 154 (November) Extensive ECs. 1 great LOR, 1 average LOR My status changed to “referred- admissions committee” last Monday Considering I have low stats, it’s very encouraging to get into an Ontario school so early in the game. Don’t give up on your dreams, hard work pays off!
  8. Congratulations on your acceptance! Do you mind me asking if your status in the Windsor portal was “referred- admissions committee” prior to receiving your acceptance? If so, for how long was this your status?
  9. Mine hasn't changed to this. However, it changed from "Referred for review" to "Referred- Admissions Committee" last Monday.
  10. Passive meaning they “automatically” accept people with high GPAs and LSATs, and then once that round of people are done, they’ll start going into the more careful review of applicants looking at their ECs and such in collaboration with the GPA/LSAT. I know this is true for Osgoode however because Windsor uses 7 different criteria, their process may differ. But friends of mine who are enrolled in Windsor told me it’s more or less the same.
  11. I’ve been a student at York for four years and the “lack of safety” at the school is completely exaggerated. I’ve ran Frosh week parties for colleges at York into 3am-4am with complete safety and security and I’ve never encountered anything out of the ordinary. Events of strangers being on campus has happened but this happens at every campus at every school. Its only exaggerated at York by the news so much because of the intersection of Jane and Finch that has the appeance of being underdeveloped and “ghetto” . There are many goSAFE carts and transportation to take you from place to place if you do feel unsafe. As a student who was highly involved w/ the campus, I am being honest when I say you have nothing to worry about.
  12. Based on the people I’ve talked to in law school and Windsor specifically, end of February isn’t too late in the game. Acceptances go out all the way until the summer. I’ve also been told law schools do a passive review and acceptance of people with higher stats (LSATs/GPA) earlier in the game.
  13. First off, glad you're okay! I'm going to share some advice my tutor gave me for games: if you're struggling to finish all of them, pick three of out of the four and try to get perfect on them. That way if you leave one game blank and/or fill in guessing bubbles (with a probability of getting at least one of the guessing answers correct) you're not completely at a loss with your LG score. At the 5 minute mark if you have finished the other three games and have your blank game left, quickly fill in your "guessing answer" into the scantron and work on the game. Try to at least get the acceptability question. While I was in Kaplan they told me you're more likely to get a question right if you use the same guessing letter throughout the test rather than selecting random ones (e.g. if you want to use A as your guessing letter, stick to that for the entire test, all questions, all sections). It was a strategy I tried and it actually lifted me up a couple points lol (2-3). Also: on a day you're doing strictly games, try spending no more than 8 minutes on each game. It puts on a lot of pressure but trust me the LSAT is all about how you work under pressure.
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