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  1. romesmj4515

    Referred to Admissions Committee

    Me as well.
  2. romesmj4515

    Crazy practice score fluctuation

    First off, glad you're okay! I'm going to share some advice my tutor gave me for games: if you're struggling to finish all of them, pick three of out of the four and try to get perfect on them. That way if you leave one game blank and/or fill in guessing bubbles (with a probability of getting at least one of the guessing answers correct) you're not completely at a loss with your LG score. At the 5 minute mark if you have finished the other three games and have your blank game left, quickly fill in your "guessing answer" into the scantron and work on the game. Try to at least get the acceptability question. While I was in Kaplan they told me you're more likely to get a question right if you use the same guessing letter throughout the test rather than selecting random ones (e.g. if you want to use A as your guessing letter, stick to that for the entire test, all questions, all sections). It was a strategy I tried and it actually lifted me up a couple points lol (2-3). Also: on a day you're doing strictly games, try spending no more than 8 minutes on each game. It puts on a lot of pressure but trust me the LSAT is all about how you work under pressure.
  3. romesmj4515

    In queue 2019

    Today my LSAT tutor informed me today that they still send out acceptances if they believe your LSAT score is up to par and you’ve indicated a re-write. I also believe someone on this forum indicated a re-write but got still accepted.
  4. romesmj4515

    In queue 2019

    Thanks for this information. I have still not been put into queue either and my application has been received on November 6th as well. It does still seem early in the process however it's nerve-racking when people with similar stats are progressing and yours is kinda stuck! To those who did move into queue: how are you updated? Through e-mail? OLSAS? Checking your Osgoode admission application?
  5. Could be a chance that people who did receive acceptance either don’t know/haven’t checked, or don’t use the forum. Maybe give it a couple of days until we see more? Just a thought! Good luck to everyone waiting on Windsor
  6. May I ask what the difference is between the two?
  7. romesmj4515

    Re-write = delayed acceptance?

    Thank you for your positivity. This gives me hope! I think a re-write will still do me well, but it's nice to know that a 154 is still good for some schools!
  8. romesmj4515

    Re-write = delayed acceptance?

    very average... 154
  9. Hi everyone, I signed up for the January test after writing in November (received an average score, hoping to bump up a little more). Even if a law school considers your score "good enough to get in" would they delay an acceptance when they see that you are writing again? Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!
  10. romesmj4515

    "Under Evaluation"

    Happy new year, everyone. I went into my uoZone today to check out my application and it says "under evaluation". I personally cannot remember if it has always said that, or if this is new. If someone can please clarify the meaning of it, it'd be greatly appreciated!
  11. LSAT scores were released today and seeing that Windsor only takes up to November, I thought I would ask you all for my chances. I still plan to re-write regardless. Applied to both single and dual JD. Some of my ECs take place with a Windsor school board (not sure if that makes a difference). 3.57 B2/L2 I know it's hard to predict with Windsor, but any sort of insight or even advice helps. Thank you all.
  12. Hi everyone, I hope all is well. I am writing next week and I am currently practicing at 158s on average (couple 160s here and there.. not as much as I'd like though). cGPA 3.47 L2 3.5 (I know my B3 is in the high 3.6). Extensive EC, academic considerations of two strikes throughout my undergrad, (YorkU...am I right?), diversity, general category. Need honest advice: should I wait until January? As much as I know stats are important I do feel like factors outside of them sort of play into my favour, but you are all the experts. What do you think? Applied at every Ontario school except Lakehead and U of T. Thank you.
  13. romesmj4515

    Tips for retaking the LSAT?

    Thank you for this. I will also implement this into my studying. If you don't mind me asking, how many PTs a week do you recommend? Considering the test is a bit under a month away?
  14. romesmj4515

    Tips for retaking the LSAT?

    wow this is something I never thought of - 30 minutes instead of 35... I like this. Will try it today. Thank you very much!!!
  15. romesmj4515

    Tips for retaking the LSAT?

    Thank you very much! This helped as well.