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  1. I emailed uO. "As Ottawa has just yesterday shut down, and everyone is working from home, no one yet knows what the effects of the pandemic will be. However, we are doing our utmost to maintain normal operations and to continue with the admission process as usual. Kind regards,"
  2. my OLSAS CGPA was listed when i checked this morning on OLSAS, but now its gone, anyone have similar thing happened??? Also, for those who applied to OSGOODE, has anyone been able to log into OASIS using the information they sent?
  3. Only 2 required, she was one of my top references though, I was really counting on hers... However, I do have 2, one solid and one average I guess.
  4. Honestly, I don't know. Call OLSAS on Monday it is worth the try. If anything, apply to schools outside Ontario. I hope things work out for you! Just wait it out and call OLSAS and hopefully they can help you out,
  5. so I submitted my application yesterday but one of my three referees hasn't submitted her reference yet... Even though on Thursday night she said she would. I have contacted her but haven't heard from her. Will this look bad on my application? Should I wait it out or remove her? Any insight would be appreciated!
  6. I am so sorry to hear that, but please don't give up! Contact OLSAS, I am sure they'll figure something out.
  7. Awesome! Last year we were told not to copy paste because of formatting issues but I don't see the same disclaimer on OLSAS and just wanted to make sure. Thanks!
  8. I was wondering if anyone copy pasted their personal statement from a word document to the OLSAS submission box. Or did you type it in?
  9. Hey guys! I was wondering, is it worth talking about a low lsat score? or should you just let them see the jump in ur score on ur application.
  10. I spoke to admissions and they told me yes. But this was a while ago.
  11. Also rejected. CGPA 3.32, L2 ~ 3.87 (self calculated) , LSAT 153.. Oh well!
  12. This might be a dumb question but does anyone know if acceptances go out at the same time or do they go out at different times for different people?
  13. Am I wrong to assume that they're going to give out acceptances first and to the ones they won't accept they just kind of leave the application under evaluation until rejections go out??? I'm getting extremely nervous here, been under evaluation since November also.
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