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  1. I got my acceptance letter this afternoon! In on the condition I complete my MA. Stats: 4.0/4.3 Undergrad 4.2/4.3 Grad No LSAT French immersion grad Good luck everyone!
  2. McGill University, Faculty of Law: Fall 2019
  3. Hi, I was wondering if students revive a joint BCL/LLB degree or do they receive two separate parchments at graduation?
  4. I have another McGill specific question? Is the BCL/LLB awarded as a joint degree or do students receive two parchments? Thanks!
  5. I started out in a field that I soon found out wasn't for me- Middle Eastern History. I knew I wasn't going to make a solid contribution to the field without strong languages skills and limited capacity to source work. I'm now doing political history of the Maritimes. So a bit of a 180 in that sense. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Hi, I'm interested in McGill for the fall of 2019. I'm currently doing an MA in political history with a GPA of 4.2/4.3. I have an undergrad in history with 4.0/4.3. My french is quite good (French Immersion) and did research for a legislative library and have worked in bilingual environments. No LSAT. One thing that might be a sticking point: I started an MA at an other uni and didn't finish the degree. I withdrew without academic penalty. Any thoughts?
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