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  1. Nope. Read the fine print. See "when should I write the LSAT" here: https://www.mcgill.ca/law/bcl-llb/admissions-guide/lsat You have until January to write and it will still count towards you application.
  2. No, but in the email it said I would have my letter available for download after 8pm (last night) and I still have nothing..
  3. My Minerva was just updated. Refused.
  4. Based on my exchange with the Admissions office (posted here), we will know by this Friday. This thread has been a huge comfort knowing I'm not alone in this agonizing waiting process! I'm choosing to look on the bright side - people have been rejected, and we are still in the running. We have hope!
  5. Hi, I received this response from McGill on June 4: Hang in there! We still have hope!
  6. Thank you both! I emailed the admissions office and received a very quick response. For those interested: You are correct that candidates who write the LSAT are strongly encouraged write the November LSAT. Applications from candidates who register for the January LSAT will only be reviewed by the Admissions Committee when all required elements, including the January LSAT score, are received. Candidates who register for the January LSAT risk that, by the time the Committee reviews their application, there will no longer be a place to offer even if the Committee wishes to admit. Aside from LSAT scores, all other supporting documents must be submitted by the November 8th deadline. However, the committee can only review your file once it is considered complete (which is when your LSAT scores are received).
  7. Hi there, I've recently decided to go to law school - I have been in the work force (working in international relations and non-profit management) for four years since my undergrad and ready to sink my teeth into McGill Law! My undergrad cGPA is 3.2/4.3 (so.. not great compared to most in this forum) but unbelievable ECs (the only recipient in my graduating class to receive a medal from my alma mater for involvement in the community), glowing references lined up (including the CEO of my current employer, which is a government Crown Corporation), and am fully bilingual. I understand I have to write the LSAT due to my cGPA. However, application deadlines for Sept 2019 start is November 1. I haven't started studying (will buy the materials this weekend) but my question is: if I don't write the LSAT by Nov 1 (I dont think I will be ready, I have a full time job), do you know if/can test results received late be considered? From your experience, do you think I should kiss a Sept 2019 start goodbye if I don't write by Nov 1? When is the latest you think I can write to have a shot? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  8. Hi, I'm in the same boat. Did you end up writing your LSAT?
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