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  1. Hi all, I've been accepted to U of A, U of C, and UVic and I'm struggling to make a decision. I understand the common advice is to go where you want to practice, but I'm not quite sure where that is for me except that it's not in Edmonton. I've also lived in Edmonton my whole life, completed my undergrad at U of A, and I'm ready for a change so for those reasons U of A is out. I can see myself working in either Calgary or Vancouver. I have one close family member in Calgary and no connections in Victoria, but the co-op and the chance to escape the bitter cold seem appealing. However, Calgary is within driving distance to the rest of my family and the mountains which is nice, but I'm wondering if one school is better than the other in terms of the program or job outcomes. I'm mainly interested in family or corporate law, but I'm not set on big law. Obviously, both have their respective local advantages, but is it harder to break into the Calgary market from UVic or the Vancouver market from U of C? Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Hi guys, GPA - 3.73 (out of 4.3, with drops) LSAT (highest) - 164 (89th percentile) My index score worked out to be 911.67, what are my chances of getting into UVic?
  3. I received a B in a Business Law class in my third year as a result of an abnormally high curve for the class. I believe the average was 86-87%, which normally translates to about an A-. Is it worth explaining in my application?
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