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  1. Thanks for all the replies! I accepted the full 20 OCIs. Let the prep begin! Mods you can suspend this account, thanks!
  2. First off, I know I'm going to come off as a total dickwad with the release of OCIs and I apologize in advance. I've also created a new account so that I won't be easily identified. Anyway, my school's OCI was released recently, and I was privileged enough to receive enough OCIs to reject firms. Now my question to those who's been in my shoes is; do you take the full 20 or do you pare down? I've heard many mixed views on whether to take the full 20 or not, and I really don't want to discuss this with my fellow classmates or confidantes; the vibe in the school is already weird as it is. On one hand, I hear that the day is already hectic enough with 10 as it is; 20 is going to be overkill and might end up being worse in the long run (10 really good OCIs vs 20 relatively okay ones). On the other hand, my recruiting officer suggested that I take the full 20 because I should be maximizing my EV in getting a job... which makes sense. She said I should especially do it if I'm more on the extroverted spectrum, which I am. For those who lean on the extroverted spectrum and had the opportunity to do 20, did you? If you did, did you regret it? What do you suggest I do? I heard OCIs are very much like first dates as well...
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