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  1. Has anyone heard from Dickinson Wright about tomorrow?
  2. Has anyone heard from McMillan about tomorrow?
  3. Does the firm schedule dinners during call day? Are they offered on Monday and Tuesday and can someone comment on whether or not (in their experience) it matters much which day you schedule the dinner?
  4. Does Lenczner Slaght do dinners? Are they scheduled during call day?
  5. I've heard that the firm has a reputation when it comes to work/life balance. Is any of that true?
  6. Can someone please tell me about the time slots for in-firm interviews? Do you leave time for lunch? What time should you end? Thanks
  7. Has anyone heard from Dickinson Wright at Oz?
  8. Does Stikes send out in-firms in batches? Is it likely that they will still send some on Monday or are they done?
  9. I'm on the waitlist for an in-firm with a sister firm. Have people declined these in the past, making room for others?
  10. Specifically Goodmans at Osgoode but info on other firms is helpful too
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