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  1. thank you @pzabbythesecond!
  2. When can one begin to sign up for classes?
  3. I understand all the 1L's take the same 6 courses, but are all 180 students taking the classes simultaneously, meaning is there no flexibility in terms of when the classes are. (ie. french section and english section occur at the same time) ? It was my understanding from welcome day that there are 2 english sections, but perhaps I misunderstood.
  4. Congratulations everyone!! I am wondering if anyone knows if there will be or is an accepted facebook group for mcgill students? It would be really helpful to have a more open and personal space to share and start preparing for next fall with other students. i know I'll probably get scolded for posting this minor side track comment (lol), but it seemed the most relevant on this thread!
  5. @RickyBubbles01 did you apply else where?
  6. My GPA was out of 4 with an upward trend (last years 3.8/3.9). I accepted my offer!
  7. Admitted yesterday via email and minerva. Non-Quebec applicant. No french interview. cgpa 3.6 (self calculated), no lsat. Varied work / volunteer experience. trilingual. Accepted my offer.
  8. Congrats on being admitted! If you dont mind sharing, what was your LSAT score?
  9. Has anyone taken the online Princeton Review prep courses? I am hoping to hear back from people who have, I am looking at possibly the "LSAT Ultimate 84-hour LiveOnline" for $1,400. Will be traveling over the month of december so this is why having an online course could be convenient for me! thanks
  10. @rufus any word of advice for how you managed such an amazing jump in your LSAT score?
  11. references are "Weak" in that they are both professors I had in my last year of university but had no extensive relationship with out of class. I did well in their class, and respect their work. But since I had no classes with less than 60 students (other than my fine arts classes in first year lol) I reached out to them. One of my references is the associate dean at the u of a, and the reason why I found out about the organization where i work now.
  12. @pzabbythesecond yeah i hear you. I guess I am seeing if i have any chance now without the LSAT but have kind of accepted i might just have to push off applying until i can score atleast 160. For my ECS I work at a youth justice committee that does legal work for youth with charges, with a more restorative justice approach. Before that I have had 5 other jobs, 3 serving, 1 teaching english in france, and tutoring. But always worked since age 17. I also always volunteered since 2012 but mostly as general member no real exec positions but the list is long. Nearly all of my volunteering has been with vulnerable populations (mental / physical disabilities and crisis nursery). I am an immigrant (thus trilingual) and did rec soccer with the university and dance for leisure during my last years. Nothing especially unique given then highly impressive pool of applicants that aim for mcgill yearly. I also don't want to shoot myself in the foot by writing a mediocre LSAT and weighing down whatever average score comes from writing multiple LSATs.
  13. @Gerwulf I was interested in knowing about stats? EC? french? I am pt'ing at low 150's and I dont want to negatively sway my application. But I also know that my cGPA is a below average for mcgill (cGPA 3.55, B2: 3.8 out of 4. Maybe higher if they look at my abroad credits transfered from france). I want to know about other people's experience to see if my work and volunteer experience still makes me semi competitive
  14. If you don't mind sharing, what was the other scores of your LSAT?
  15. Hoping to hear from students who have been accepted at McGill in previous years without writing the LSAT. I have heard mixed things regarding how it should be factored into ones application (specially as an anglophone applicant). Anything helps! thanks
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