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  1. I was also just rejected off of the waitlist via email. GPA 3.74/4.33 (not sure how they calculated L2) LSAT: 155 Applied special consideration, I don't have 90 credits. Good luck to everyone that made the shortlist! I hope there's some movement for you guys.
  2. Womp Womp Got the e-mail yesterday. cGPA 3.83/4.33 (including recent semester grades) LSAT: 155 Strong LORs, paralegal with 6 yrs law firm experience. Applied as a "special applicant".
  3. I was waitlisted this morning. GPA 3.74/4.33 (not sure how they calculated L2) LSAT: 155 Strong LORs, currently a paralegal with 6 yrs law firm experience. Applied special consideration.
  4. Hi! I can only speak to your last question. The acceptance of your winter semester grades depends on the school that you're applying to, ex. U of S expects you to send your winter semester grades but TRU won't consider the winter grades. It's best to look at the website of the school that you are applying to and check exactly what documents they require because the required documents do vary school to school.
  5. Hey Just adding some insight regarding expected application responses. I applied with roughly two years of a degree and applied under the special category. Admissions advised that they were behind in their reviewing of applications and that mine would be looked at near the end of March.
  6. Hi, I was creeping on this post and am wondering where you guys obtained an account for myTRU. I never received an email after submitting my application. I e-mailed admissions but who knows when they'll have time to reply. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks! No, I’m from Vancouver. I want to apply to TRU and UVIC but I don’t see a way for me to apply under their discretionary categories and I don’t have 90 credits complete. I don’t have a chance at UBC and that would be my number 1 choice. I think I’ll rewrite. I’ve been working part time and school full time while trying to study for the LSAT and the holidays open up some time to study.
  8. Hey! So I ended up getting a 155. Do you mind giving me a read as an overall applicant with that score considered? Thank you!
  9. Thanks for the comments. I’ll just focus on the logic games until I write. I’ll repost when my LSAT marks are known.
  10. I’m looking for some feedback about my applications. I’m applying as a mature student to Dalhousie (29 y/o) and as a special applicant to University of Saskatchewan (I took a long break from university for employment). I have been working as a legal administrative assistant for 6 years and a paralegal for the last year. I have two strong letters of reference, one is academic (retired lawyer turned prof) and the other is from the lawyer I worked with. I have multiple cousins, aunts and uncles in Saskatoon, I don’t believe this would be considered a strong tie to Sask. I take the LSAT this November and am currently testing with a 153. I will retake in January if necessary. The logic games are where I’m scoring low. I will have 74 credits (legal studies) completed at the end of winter semester - cGpa 3.6. Honest feedback is appreciated, thanks!
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