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  1. Heads up, a number of schools that I applied to won't consider the courses that I've taken in a certificate, specifically because the courses were taken towards a certificate. This is what I've been told by various admissions. Those courses have actually been transferred into the degree that I'm completing (because they are also required for completion of the degree) but some law schools still won't consider them in gpa calculations - again, just because they are shown as having been completed towards a certificate. 100% contact each school you are planning on applying to and get an answer from them about improving your chances with taking courses. I've had to put so much time into my applications just to address this issue and I don't even know if it's going to end up making a difference. Avoid this situation like the effing plague!
  2. It's sort of wild that some people get these distractions and others don't meanwhile the test is worth 40/60% of your admission.
  3. I was the hostage holder. That was actually pure accident. I misheard her at the beginning, I thought she said the test would begin once you complete the questions and tutorial (first time doing the digital test). I wanted to find out if we would get a room switch or something before starting the test. Once I heard the lady at the front say something about waiting on me I started it. So definitely not intentional - Apologies to my hostages! A lot of people in the room asked questions about refunds, changing rooms, when the conference would end etc. I don't know about everyone else but I definitely didn't do any PT's next to a guy talking on a mic about business. Also, pretty cool about the professionalism of the mocking proctor.
  4. Yeah I called in. Lady was super nice about it.
  5. That sounds ideal. I drove 9 hours to take this exam.. Montana is only an additional 4 hour drive. I'll consider it haha
  6. Hey test takers, For anyone that was in the room with the business conference happening next door... on the other side of the temporary wall with gaps between the floor and the wall...your complaints can be made here: https://www.lsac.org/lsat/taking-lsat/lsat-test-center-problems-complaints I was able to have the cost of today's exam transferred to the January exam. The only availability for the January exam at the moment is in Kelowna or Kamloops. LSAC advised that a number of students after receiving their November score will cancel their January seat so spots may open at the other locations at a later date.
  7. Hey! Did you ever find out about this?
  8. Hey! My application status is showing that the "Law And Special Circumstances" document is outstanding but it is also labelled as an optional document for admission - Did you think your application looked incomplete because of this? I'm trying to find out if this is something that I need to upload. I applied regular and discretionary but have already uploaded the documents listed under the discretionary category on their website.
  9. Diagramming meaning the initial set up of the game. I'm in the process of unlearning it. I'm going to take more PT's and see how those go. I can't believe you'll be writing 4 times, that takes some stamina. Having 87 credits doesn't disqualify me from applying to school's because of the categories that I applied under. It's a stretch to not have a full degree even in those categories but it does happen. I'm hopeful.
  10. I was feeling good about November LSAT but then I started looking at diagramming the LG section differently. That was a big mistake. So we'll see what happens! How are you feeling? No I will have 87 credits. Long story short, when I applied last year there was confusion surrounding the number of courses I had completed and that impacted gpa calculations. I have applied under the mature/age categories again. I'm just hoping the proactive steps I took this time around will change the way my application is interpreted. I'm reapplying because I didn't get in last year. I am older and don't feel that I can take time off in between cycles. Does that answer your question?
  11. This is my second round too. I rewrote my PS, applied more broadly, and am rewriting the LSAT in November. It's been frustrating to reapply but I feel better about my chances this time around. How do I stay motivated? I have made some sacrifices in order to pursue law school so I guess that keeps me motivated - Can't be for nothing. I also know that I'd regret it if I didn't try again. So gotta keep chugging along!
  12. My now husband and I did long distance for three years when he was playing hockey. I'd go visit him once or sometimes twice over the hockey season. Facetime was essential and we would mail each other care packages. If anything, the long distance made our relationship stronger. Of course it was hard at times (holidays, birthdays, random days) but it makes you really appreciate and make the most of the time you have together. Long distance also strengthens communication and trust (hopefully). Also, care packages are a lot of fun to prepare and obviously receive. That being said, everyone is different and has different needs. We've been together for 7 years and, if I get into law school, will be doing another 3 years of long distance. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. (No joke, care packages are the absolute bomb)
  13. I messaged OLSAS about this on two occasions, received responses that weren't informative so I had a live chat with OLSAS. The answer I got through the live chat was less concrete than I expected but they said it's probably a generic message. I checked each of the school's websites that I applied to and I know I have submitted all required documents, so I'm understanding the message to be a generic reminder to make sure all supplementary documents have been sent to the schools. Odd place to put that message and odd wording for that to be a reminder. If anyone does call please post on here.
  14. I was also just rejected off of the waitlist via email. GPA 3.74/4.33 (not sure how they calculated L2) LSAT: 155 Applied special consideration, I don't have 90 credits. Good luck to everyone that made the shortlist! I hope there's some movement for you guys.
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