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  1. Any new information about this? I'm also trying to make a decision about moving.
  2. Rejected Tuesday cgpa: 3.3 (OLSAS) LSAT: 156 ECS = relevant work experience
  3. Rejected Tuesday cgpa: 3.3 (OLSAS) LSAT: 156 ECS = relevant work experience
  4. Thanks! I was in queue for quite a while, OASIS showed they wanted an interview, had interview, received an acceptance via email. I was never on the waitlist.
  5. I did a majority of my undergrad online so that’s what I base my assumption on. You never really interact with the students aside from posting once per week to a discussion about the assigned readings. From what I know there isn’t much in the way of group projects in law classes, again if that’s off mark correct me. My internet isn’t great so zoom hangouts aren’t awesome... even if internet connection was great, zoom hangouts aren’t awesome. (Awesome = enjoyable)
  6. 100% agree with the importance of the social aspect of law school but it sounds like these connections are mostly built in the first year with your cohort. After first year it’s one off classes that you register in depending on your interests. Since fall is online and potentially the winter (really don’t want to derail this topic with a covid debate), I’m not getting those first year connections. I’m assuming you’ve attended law school so let me know if I’m way off the mark re first year connections vs 2nd/3rd year connections.
  7. I’m looking to soak up everything I can from my time at law school. I want good course selection, great faculty, and established legal clinics. Those things matter to me. I want to get in it. Use the resources. Get exposed to various areas of law outside of what I’ve already studied. I already have connections to the legal community in the province that I’ll be residing post JD so I’m purely interested in what each school has to offer.
  8. Had an interview and received an acceptance email today. cGPA: 3.3 (olsas) lsat: 156 quite a bit of relevant work experience
  9. I wanted to find out which school is better for me by getting a comparison of what both schools have to offer during and after law school. The money and distance for both schools has already been considered. So far, I have U of A as: collegial, less course offerings, good student to faculty ratio (not sure if this is still true given my next point), 20% government funding cut pre pandemic (1,000 layoffs etc) Osgoode: bigger classes, less collegial, more course offerings, internationally recognized I’ve been told by a west coast lawyer responsible for student recruitment that if two grads interviewed and they were basically equal with the only difference of one having gone to U of A and the other to Osgoode, Osgoode would tip the scale.
  10. Thanks this was helpful. I definitely don’t have unlimited funds I just didn’t want to get posts focused on the cost comparison, something I’ve already considered.
  11. I’m not looking to work in either province. I’ll probably stay in the west after completing JD.
  12. If money and distance weren’t an issue and I don’t have a preferred area of law, which school and why. Thanks!
  13. My email from U of A said: "FALL TERM 2020: MOSTLY ONLINE AND REMOTE INSTRUCTION, WITH SOME IN-PERSON LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES" Apparently there should be an announcement coming from the law school itself soon but I haven't received anything yet.
  14. I'm not sure if you're asking about my ECs but just those 8 years of relevant work experience. I've worked since I was quite young so I mentioned that as well: service industry, butcher, manager, etc. Thank you! Good luck to you guys too!
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