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  1. I'm selling all 9 books from the Powerscore series as a set. Looking for $270 for the lot, which would go for $375+ brand new. Logic Games Bible Logical Reasoning Bible Reading Comprehension Bible ($127 retail) Game Type Training Question Type Training Passage Type Training ($165 retail) Logic Game Workbook Logical Reasoning Workbook Reading Comprehension Workbook ($83 retail)
  2. http://studenthousing.info.yorku.ca/yorkapts/application/ Is anyone else thinking about or planning to apply for student housing, either at Osgoode Chambers or at the Assiniboine Apartments? Also, can anyone share their experiences of staying at either of these residences? Is it better than the off-campus housing options?
  3. My account is up and working. You have to create it at the mms passport yorku portal. Your sign in to create the email is your reference or student number plus your date of birth. I assume you have to firmly accept. I had to call the tech support office cause my sign in was not working. Not sure if you'll have to, but if it says incorrect login then there's a technical issue.
  4. I have a bunch of past official LSAT preptests. I will put up a list on my own thread soon.
  5. I have the entire Power Score set (3 bibles, 3 work books, 3 training books). I also have a ton of preptests which are absolutely key to practicing: 84, 80, 79, 78, 76 + "10 Actual Offical Preptests": V, VI, "10 New Actual Official Preptests", etc.
  6. Anyone know where on this forum we can post looking for a flatmate? I'm thinking of renting one of the two bedroom York apartments and just splitting the price of rent.
  7. Hi BQ, Just wanted to know what you meant by this. Sour grapes for those not accepted to the clinics and intensives? Are these clinics and intensives the same as the 1L summer jobs we are supposed to apply for or different? Is it based on undergrad grades or 1L grades? Thanks
  8. I received an email requesting additional documentation. But the address line they provided for postage is somewhat confusing. Can anyone clarify if Fauteux 221 is part of the address or not? The email reads: Mail : University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, Common Law Section (Admissions Office) 57 Louis Pasteur Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5 Attention: Admissions Office, Fauteux 221
  9. Thanks, that's what I ended up doing. It looked much neater just leaving a space and only cost one character each compared to an indent.
  10. Please, this is time-sensitive obviously. I have an issue with formatting on OLSAS. When I paste the personal statement onto the website the paragraphs look all wonky. They also add to the character count. What is the best way to format it so it's not one giant paragraph? Should I create a space between paragraphs, indent the first line of each, or just leave them flush to the left of the screen?
  11. On your resume/CV for the OLSAS application (some schools require one and some don't) do you put your OLSAS converted GPA or the one from your school, and if the former do you label it OLSAS GPA?
  12. Any tips on what they're looking for at U of O? I have statements prepared for other schools, but I would like to tailor those as much as possible to Ottawa. Any advice from people who have been accepted in the past would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I'm willing to lend some fresh eyes to someone's personal statement, can anyone look at mine as well please?
  14. Not sure if this question has been asked, so if it has please kindly add the link. For the Fact Scenario in the Personal Statement, do any of you guys have any tips. Should we be using philosophy, decision theory, ethics to arrive at our conclusion. Should we just say here's our decision and here's why it's better than the alternative?
  15. Yes, sorry I meant OLSAS. OLSAS is redirected from the OUAC site though. Anyone with an answer about uploading the CV? Also, if we don't upload the CV, do we input all the info from our CV into the background sketch including job description/list of responsibilities?
  16. So I'm filling out the application forms on OUAC and noticed that in the SAM (secure applicant messaging) section, it lists CV among potential documents to upload. I don't remember any of the schools I'm applying to listing CV in the submission requirements (most of the same info goes in the background sketch field anyway). Should I upload my CV to those schools anyway just in case, or only if it is requested? Do some schools request it that I'm not aware of? Thanks.
  17. Hi guys, I working on my personal statement for Queens. Can anyone who has done gotten in tell me if this was the question or prompt you had to respond to? "Highlight your academic, personal, professional and extracurricular accomplishments, and your interest in studying law at Queen's." Any tips on how you approached it? Some personal statements to other law schools (particularly American ones) seem to be more free in what you can write about. Do you generally want to focus on one topic (personal, professional, etc) or try to cover all equally? Similarly, do we just write about accomplishments or can we talk about our own development as a student and person, and an experience/example that encapsulates our character? That would seem more akin to the personal statement samples I've read on line, but again, those are for American law school primarily.
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