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  1. I received the email asking me whether to join the waitlist last week. After some consideration I decided to withdraw my application. Best of luck to everybody on the waitlist!
  2. Unfortunately I am not☹️. I doubt if I still have a chance since they are rejecting people with 3.4/164 as well as decent softs IMO. But yeah I will stay positive and wait for the final decision. Congrats on your acceptance elsewhere and good luck with law school!
  3. I was shocked to see this rejection with your stats😱 . I know they weigh GPA 60 and LSAT 40, but I thought 164 would compensate for a lower GPA, considering the percentile for 164 is 16% higher than their median (158). Guess it is time for me to start preparing a rewrite and reapply next cycle😰 ...
  4. Hey OP, my stats and experiences are so similar to yours that I almost thought I made this post during sleepwalking😂 . I am worried about my chances this cycle, and in the meantime I feel very mixed up about my career plans if I couldn't get in this year. I opted out of doing a master since a)the cost is high b)I don't see a reason to earn a master degree while not planning on working in that field (I am dead set on being a lawyer and my undergrad major has very weak connections with law). During the past year, I have been looking for government-related jobs but I didn't get one, probably due to my lack of networking and working experiences in this field IMO. I am currently considering if I should do a certificate in immigration law. It seems to be an opportunity to gain networking and have a better idea of the legal field. But I also understand a certificate in immigration wouldn't open up the kind of legal career I want. The cost isn't low either, so I am now debating whether I should go. The waiting is driving me crazy and without even a clear plan I feel increasingly anxious as days go by😰.
  5. Just got the email. LSAT 163 GPA after drops 3.5x (no idea how they calculate credits during exchange) so frustrated right now...ugh
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