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  1. Does anyone know if scholarships have been given out already?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with being a TA while also attending Law School? I am looking into the possibility of doing such, with around 10-12 hours a week of commitments. If anyone has any idea from experience if this is reasonable, or if maybe I would be biting off more than I could chew, it would be appreciated!
  3. When you say 1L and 2L jobs, are you talking simply about summer jobs? And when you say "hopefully secured a job" in 2L, do you mean summer or a job after law school?
  4. I wouldn't say campus is "run down". Its an older university, and a lot of buildings reflect that, but I think in a good way. Some buildings are older, so they obviously aren't state of the art, but they're nice. There are also other buildings that are new, such as the SUB, Business Building, CHEB, Law is newer, and maybe a few others. If you were a first year undergrad I would say live in Rez 100%, but its probably not needed as you're an older student I assume. If you can find a place within a 10-15 minute walk to campus, and close to Sobeys or one of the two superstores, that would be your best bet! And if you really want an outdoor track, Saint Mary's University has one, so if you lived closish to that campus, you can probably just go and use it during the day!
  5. Was just wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge of these couple days! I’m from the area so I don’t need to worry about traveling, but was wondering if it’s useful to go to? I know Dal campus and Halifax well, and have classes during some time slots. Any thoughts or comments would be great! Also, is it possible to attend certain activities that align in my schedule better?
  6. Got my offer today! 3.65 gpa without drops, 160 lsat. Not planning on accepting, as I’m already into my preferred school.
  7. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge on the two. N.S. resident. Looking into business/corporate law. Thanks!
  8. Does this mean acceptances will start going out at that time? Or does everyone have to do french interviews before they get accepted? Sorry if that’s a dumb question, just want to be sure!
  9. Got an acceptance email this morning! 160 LSAT, GPA is 3.6, not sure how high it is over last two
  10. I was wondering if UNB consider an application complete when they receive the three required documents? I'm assuming they do, but do we need to tell them we won't be sending in the optional documents?
  11. I just want to be clear as to how this should be done. On their website where they outline steps, requirements, etc. they say it can be mailed or emailed. However, when I'm applying online there is a section to attach it. I'm going to attach my statement in that section, however should it also be emailed? Or are they just behind on updating their site? Any help is great!
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