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  1. Accepted via email! 3.7 / L2 3.9 and 163.
  2. https://www.uottawa.ca/university-fees/tuition-fees-can-undergraduate - Select 'common law' as your faculty and tuition comes up.
  3. Accepted just now! 3.7/ L2 3.9 and 163
  4. Accepted on Friday: CGPA 3.7 / L2 3.9 and 163. Congratulations everyone!
  5. OLSAS will recalculate your GPA, it happened within a day for me. I believe schools use this at their discretion as some schools take best two years (as compared to CGPA) etc. and it's not a 'full year'. As a result, I've heard there is differences with respect to considerations of fall grades across the schools (if anybody knows more than me, please comment as well, I am interested in knowing more about the usage of fall grades as well).
  6. Congratulations! September or November LSAT?
  7. Hello all, Forgive me if this seems like a completely obvious answer - are fall grades (2018) automatically sent to law schools/viewable by law schools, or do we need to do some action on our end? Such as re-sending a transcript or calling schools.
  8. It means they have now received all your documents and can begin evaluating your application.
  9. Agreed with above, I assume it was a mass email to all applicants. In the very first paragraph, it lists the criteria for who would be affected. If you aren't in the criteria it doesn't apply to you, so don't worry.
  10. Referred to admissions about a week ago, waiting on November LSAT.
  11. Edit: deleted response because I did not initially realize how long ago this thread was posted and realize my response is most likely not needed by this time.
  12. Yes, the early offer goes up until the September LSAT I'm pretty sure, so even people writing the November LSAT are excluded.
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