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  1. torontohermione

    Accepted 2019

    Accepted today! 3.9/161 (November LSAT)
  2. torontohermione

    Fall Transcript

    OLSAS will recalculate your GPA, it happened within a day for me. I believe schools use this at their discretion as some schools take best two years (as compared to CGPA) etc. and it's not a 'full year'. As a result, I've heard there is differences with respect to considerations of fall grades across the schools (if anybody knows more than me, please comment as well, I am interested in knowing more about the usage of fall grades as well).
  3. torontohermione

    Accepted to Western 2019

    Congratulations! September or November LSAT?
  4. torontohermione

    Fall Grades

    It does
  5. torontohermione

    Fall Grades

    Hello all, Forgive me if this seems like a completely obvious answer - are fall grades (2018) automatically sent to law schools/viewable by law schools, or do we need to do some action on our end? Such as re-sending a transcript or calling schools.
  6. torontohermione

    In queue 2019

    In queue as of yesterday.
  7. torontohermione

    "Under Evaluation"

    It means they have now received all your documents and can begin evaluating your application.
  8. torontohermione

    Non Canadian email

    Agreed with above, I assume it was a mass email to all applicants. In the very first paragraph, it lists the criteria for who would be affected. If you aren't in the criteria it doesn't apply to you, so don't worry.
  9. torontohermione

    Referred to Admissions Committee

    Referred to admissions about a week ago, waiting on November LSAT.
  10. torontohermione

    Access Category

    Edit: deleted response because I did not initially realize how long ago this thread was posted and realize my response is most likely not needed by this time.
  11. torontohermione

    Entrance scholarships

    Yes, the early offer goes up until the September LSAT I'm pretty sure, so even people writing the November LSAT are excluded.
  12. torontohermione

    Confirmation of receipt of application??

    I don't know if this helps but I just got an email from Queen's.
  13. torontohermione

    Confirmation of receipt of application??

    Heard from Western, Ottawa, Windsor, University of Toronto, Osgoode all a few days ago.
  14. torontohermione

    Accommodations dilemma

    From what I know, I'm pretty sure neuropsychological testing is suggested for most testing accommodations and school accommodations as diagnoses such as ADHD/ADD cannot be confirmed without that, they're not really 'tick the boxes that apply' disorders, and require further neuropsychological testing. The reason it is normally required is that it is used to back up your claim that you need accommodations, as it has been explained to me. It's one thing to have a short letter saying you have ADD and require accommodations, it's a whole different thing to have a full extensive package of paperwork detailing exactly why you need these accommodations based on neuro testing (ie: student scored only 66% percentile on perceptual reasoning, 56% on working memory and 42% processing speed which means they require X amount of extra time). While it may not be needed, it is a surefire way to guarantee testing accommodations. Not to be the cynic, but I imagine it is not that hard to get a simple note from a psychiatrist saying you have ADHD, whereas actually having the data to back it up almost guarantees your accommodations and further accommodations in university. From what I know in order to get accommodations: people have submitted their full neuropsychological workup because there needs to be proof that you require the accommodations you are asking for. Just my two cents. Also, submit now. If it is incomplete and they require more, they may tell you and you will have a chance to be able to redo your application for accommodations before the deadline (or so I believe). Might as well try!
  15. torontohermione

    Help! Can my referees send the emails now?

    Your referees should be able to upload their letters of reference on to the OLSAS system before you pay/submit it. They are able to do so well in advance, as long as you have entered them as a referee on OLSAS and clicked 'send email'. An email is then sent to your referees instructing them on how to upload their letter of reference. If you have not had them uploaded yet, it might be worth while reaching out to your referees to check in with them, and reminding them of the due date.