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  1. Oui, c'est normal. J'ai aussi recu le courriel pour les bourses ajourd'hui, sans avoir eu de reponse pour l'admission...ugh. When did you apply?
  2. I also received an email regarding bursaries today- however, I have not received an offer. My file is still under "evaluation". Is this bursaries email just a random one that is sent to everyone?
  3. I also have not been contacted - applied early January.
  4. I called last Friday and was told that they still have seats remaining and that they hope to send all the offers out by end of May, begnning of June. I found this rather odd as it seems like a long time to wait to fill out your seats. The waitlist apparently will start in June.
  5. Yes, it does warrant a phone call. I would call Law Admissions directly. As for the error you are getting, that happens to me too, I don't think anything can be done about that.
  6. For reasons unknown, my dual application had a status of "incomplete" ever since I applied. I let it slide for over 2 months at which point I called in, and was told that it was a "system glitch" and miraculously it changed to "complete" the day after, and stayed that way for over a month at which point I called in again, and again, was told that it was a "system glitch", yet miraculously once again it switched to "referred to admissions committee" the day after. I suggest you call in right away...
  7. My LSAT is 173, so there's some perspective for ya... UNB is my top choice for personal reasons, so understandably, I too am "confused", but nevertheless not interested in taking away anything from those who have already been accepted. To be "fair", I will also add that my gpa is a 2.94, or 3.3 with drops. I applied discretionary.
  8. I keep receiving one every day.
  9. While I was aware that they did indeed put an emphasis on regional connections, I did not know or realize the extent of it. Only now that I've been reading the acceptance threads I am beginning to understand the bigger picture.
  10. Maybe you'll start seeing something wrong with it only when and if all schools in Ontario decide to "model" their admission standards to those of UNB and Dal. This is only idealistic at best, because I can only imagine the uproar that would cause. And the "theory" that someone would stay in the province because of sentimental values and family ties simply is not a very good one to begin with.
  11. I completely agree with you, @clevermoose. Time and time again, I have seen applicants this cycle being accepted with low stats, claiming a connection to the Maritimes. For the reasons you posted above, and for many other reasons, it is NOT fair. Had I known beforehand how much value UNB & Dal place on a so-called "connection", I would not have even bothered applying at all, and saved myself the time, stress, and 200$.
  12. 3 as well over here. Feel like I’m part of an exclusive club 😁
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