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  1. An especially poignant post, just ahead of my 1L interview this coming week. And no matter what may happen Tuesday, I will remember that "after the final no there comes a yes". Thank you for this @cherrytree
  2. That is unusual. I applied less than a week ago and was approved today. 100k at prime. (I only requested 100k but the maximum for the Dual program is 160k). Also, do not budge until they give you prime.
  3. I'll also give it a 7/10. Everyone seemed rather friendly and genuinely excited to be there. As Doug mentioned, most were meeting with former classmates that they had not seen in a long time. There were about 100 (?) people in total.
  4. We will make sure to come back and report the numbers.
  5. I could be wrong but I think Dal sends out rejections via regular mail, not email.
  6. Was told the same thing verbatim when I emailed her yesterday.
  7. Thanks - I took @natisa's advice and registered online.
  8. I would love to attend but did not receive an email invitation. I was accepted to the Dual a week ago.
  9. I only applied to UNB- but it’s been radio silence..
  10. Not sure, probably around a 3.1 Thank you, and thank you for your encouraging posts on this forum. I have read them over the last few months, and they've always been full of positivism and encouragement to those waiting for an acceptance.
  11. Accepted yesterday! cGPA 2.9 LSAT 173
  12. Oui, c'est normal. J'ai aussi recu le courriel pour les bourses ajourd'hui, sans avoir eu de reponse pour l'admission...ugh. When did you apply?
  13. I also received an email regarding bursaries today- however, I have not received an offer. My file is still under "evaluation". Is this bursaries email just a random one that is sent to everyone?
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