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  1. NovemberRain

    Emails from TRU

    Mine said end of March. I applied early January.
  2. NovemberRain


    I applied to the Dual early January, and have not received any sort of acknowledgment. When I login to uwindsor, my application status shows as "Incomplete", when in fact, all the documents have been received. Like some others have mentioned, I believe applications to the Dual don't even get looked at until April (if not later).
  3. NovemberRain

    Accepted 2019

    Mine also finished Jan 11th. Jan 17th I received an email from Rose saying that my application was complete and currently in progress. Did you receive this email as well?
  4. NovemberRain

    Under Review!

    Just received an email from Rose advising that my application is complete and currently in progress.
  5. NovemberRain

    Application Incomplete

    Mine also shows various components stated as "initiated", with an application status of "incomplete". I emailed them and got an email back with an unsolicited link to reset my password, and nothing else. Like, okay.
  6. NovemberRain

    Accepted to UNB 2019

    I've been wondering the same thing...doesn't look like there has been any movement at all since.
  7. NovemberRain

    Problems with application?

    I attended the LSAC Law School Forum today in Toronto, and was told by the Manitoba rep that the online application opens October 15th.
  8. NovemberRain

    Date to Apply

    Similar question- I do not have an LSAT score yet (it will be released September 29)- should I go ahead and submit my application to UNB now?