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  1. Yeah full course load. Last cycle I applied with 157, so I'm hoping it was the low score that got me waitlisted?? Also wondering about my chances at Osgoode as it is my first choice.
  2. Waitlisted at Queen's and Western last cycle with a 157 LSAT. Took the July LSAT and got 163... is it worth trying to improve my score? Have a masters degree and worked at a law firm for a year, but I know these factors marginally improve my application. Looking for further suggestions.
  3. I know, I wish they would at least give an estimate or how many waitlist offers went out... It could be that they have an internal ranking based on 'holistic' factors, but who knows.
  4. I e-mailed to ask and Aimee responded with this:
  5. I don't think Chelsea Hotel is a usual testing centre, as it wasn't listed in the list of testing centres. This is my 3rd write and it's the first time I'm seeing it offered.
  6. I just called the admissions office and he said there will be another wave of offers next week.
  7. Did you guys get an email? Or just status change
  8. Did someone from the admissions office tell you this?
  9. I don't think they're necessarily "waiting". When I e-mailed admissions to confirm if they accept march LSAT they said:
  10. Finally in queue as of march 8 - wrote january lsat
  11. I have similar stats (although much lower cgpa) and I feel the exact same way. I feel extremely anxious whenever anyone asks me when I’ll hear back, etc. Having to explain to people has become a huge source of stress... I’m trying to cope by looking into planning an exciting back up plan in the case of rejection, like getting a work holiday visa somewhere abroad so I can travel while making money for a few months (and of course also a plan to improve my lsat/application in general).
  12. I noticed the copy and paste issue halfway through inputting them and went back to fill in all the punctuation right before I submitted, and in the process somehow missed one period at the end of a paragraph for Osgoode... I'm hoping they look past it 😢
  13. I think order the uber from home and leaving my phone behind would be the easiest/cheapest option. And then I can find my way with public transportation on the way back. Yeah I decided not to, thanks for your input! This is embarrassing but I don't have my G2 so that was out of the question haha... ...but yes I am taking cash and figuring out the bus situation. Thank you. My inquiry was so last minute that I think it's too late for this, but thanks for the tips, I'm sure someone else with a similar issue in the future will find it useful.
  14. My mom was going to come tonight to give me a ride but she is now unable to, and I wouldn't want her to anyway as she lives 3 hours away. Yeah I realize this issue seems trivial/first world. I just didn't realize how restrictive their rules would be, given that society is becoming more dependent on technology. Payphones are basically extinct - I don't remember the last time I've seen one. LSAC just replied to my e-mail stating that they can't guarantee the test center will have a holding area, and regurgitated that if I am caught with a restricted item in the center I will be dismissed. I decided I will have to order an uber from my apartment, leave my phone at home and figure out how to take public transportation on the way back. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!
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