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  1. @aflorrick @Draken I guess I misunderstood or misheard what the student said in her presentation. Edit: I just vaguely remembered that she may have said two 1L students per upper year student! Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Congrats! I actually had the same dilemma a few weeks ago. I went to Queens' for undergrad and loved it, but at the same time I was very open to Western. I was initially extremely impressed with Western's admin during the application process and I loved how well put-together the welcome day and Tory's reception were. I ultimately chose Queen's for the reasons below, but I am positive Western is also a great choice. 1. London vs. Kingston - As excited as I was to leave Kingston in my last year of undergrad, visiting Queen's again for the welcome day really reminded me of how beautiful downtown Kingston and Queen's campus are. London seemed kind of gloomy and I didn't like how spread out everything was (ie. having to drive or take transit to get groceries) while everything in Kingston is pretty much attainable within a 20 min walking distance. 2. Facilities - Western has a much bigger campus and all the buildings looked the same to me. Now, this won't matter too much as we will be confined to the law building for the most part, but I wandered around (got lost for a bit) and saw that the options for on campus food were very limited relative to Queen's. Queen's had more diversity and healthier options on campus and its close proximity to downtown opens up even more options. Furthermore, Western's law building looked a little outdated, while Queen's recently renovated theirs, including a law students only area that is accessible via key fobs. The Queen's library also looked nicer than Western's. Lastly, Queen's athletics and recreation centre (ARC) is unparalleled to any other Ontario university gym, based on my personal experience and my undergrad friends who are currently at other professional/grad schools. 3. Corporate focus- As you mentioned, Western really pushed corporate law, while Queen's seemed to focus on criminal law. The two welcome days were stark contrasts for me. Personally, the welcome day at Western felt very corporate and a little rigid (they kept mentioning the same "unique programs", repeatedly mentioned their superiority when it comes to corporate law, etc.), while Queen's felt warmer and less like a marketing op. I am interested in corporate law as well, but I'm keeping an open mind as I have been told people often change minds in law school. Speaking to many current students at both schools, I found that most students at Western are hoping to practice corporate law, whereas the students enrolling at Queen's are more diverse in their prospective field of law. Given that the number of students that actually end up at Bay street firms are similar at both schools, it makes me wonder if the chances of getting into a bay street firm are actually better at Queen's. Attending Queen's would also allow me to be immersed in a class with a much wider breadth of interests, which would be especially beneficial if I end up in another practice of law. Western's Tory's reception and conversations with other lawyers also gave me the insight that most things are learned on the job anyway, so I don't think there would be a huge disadvantage in taking a breadth of courses as opposed to taking a million corporate law courses. 4. Clinics - Western has three clinics: Sports, community legal services and business. Queen's has five: business, elder, family, prison and Queen's legal aid. Western has an area in their law building for clinic operations, while Queen's has its own building downtown. When I asked how many people in first year are accepted into the clinics, I was told Western's programs were very competitive, accepting only two 1Ls per clinic, while many 1L Queen's students can work at the clinics for course credit. 5. International experiences - I think exchange programs are pretty much on par at both schools, but I was really drawn to the 1L summer program at the Bader Castle in the UK. It's an 8-week intensive program where you earn course credits, take excursions to international courts every week, and you can travel Europe on the weekends or after the program ends. They said historically no Queen's students have been denied the opportunity, while spots for students at other law schools are very limited. Again, these are just my personal observations and a result of heavy scrutiny! Feel free to message me if you have any questions about Queen's/Kingston!
  3. general! with a masters degree, lots of ECs, and work experience at a law firm, although I'm not sure if any of these factors made a big difference
  4. After being waitlisted last year and struggling with the LSAT, surprised to be in so early!! cGPA: 3.1 L/B2: 3.7 LSAT: 157, 163 Congrats everyone :')
  5. Yeah full course load. Last cycle I applied with 157, so I'm hoping it was the low score that got me waitlisted?? Also wondering about my chances at Osgoode as it is my first choice.
  6. Waitlisted at Queen's and Western last cycle with a 157 LSAT. Took the July LSAT and got 163... is it worth trying to improve my score? Have a masters degree and worked at a law firm for a year, but I know these factors marginally improve my application. Looking for further suggestions.
  7. I know, I wish they would at least give an estimate or how many waitlist offers went out... It could be that they have an internal ranking based on 'holistic' factors, but who knows.
  8. I e-mailed to ask and Aimee responded with this:
  9. I don't think Chelsea Hotel is a usual testing centre, as it wasn't listed in the list of testing centres. This is my 3rd write and it's the first time I'm seeing it offered.
  10. I just called the admissions office and he said there will be another wave of offers next week.
  11. Did you guys get an email? Or just status change
  12. Did someone from the admissions office tell you this?
  13. I don't think they're necessarily "waiting". When I e-mailed admissions to confirm if they accept march LSAT they said:
  14. Finally in queue as of march 8 - wrote january lsat
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